Sidewalk signs for curbside pickup and delivery in Irvine CA

COVID-19 has changed the way Irvine does business. Plenty of restaurants are now offering curbside pickup of to-go orders. However, other companies are also adding this business model to their services menus. Alert consumers to this change in doing business with flags and banners in Irvine CA for curbside pickup areas.

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Why Not Just Get a Banner?

flags and feather banners for curbside pickup areas in Irvine CA

Although a banner is an excellent sign that attracts the attention of passersby, it quickly gets lost when there are plenty of similar products on display. Because many of your competitors are also changing their business models at this time, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. Doing so is of particular importance when you consider maintaining this service for the foreseeable future.

Which Flags are Right for Your Company?

Sidewalk signs for curbside pickup and delivery in Irvine CA

Flags are ideally suited because of the movement that they provide. They ripple in the wind and sway slightly. These motions catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians. Besides that, they underscore that there is something new about your company because they usually display in rows of three or five.

Budget-friendly and visually appealing, these flags could feature your corporate colors, symbol, and message. Most importantly, they showcase any information that you want the shopper to see. A good example is the location of your curbside pickup parking. If you intend to make this a service that you offer even after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, it makes sense to commission these flags and feather banners now.

Selecting the Best Flags and Feather Banners for Curbside Pickup Areas in Irvine, CA

Flags and Banners for Curbside Pickup and Delivery in Irvine CA

Depending on your display location, you have a variety of options open to you.

  • Size. Choose from small, medium, or large displays. When you are competing with a variety of tall landscape features, it makes sense to go big. If your flags are the only thing that is on display, you might keep it small.
  • Shape. Feather flags imitate the appearance of a bird’s feather. In contrast, teardrop shapes favor a more rounded presentation. Another choice is the straight edge, which impresses with the size of the usable surface for imprinting. We recommend selecting a shape that echoes some of your font or symbol presentations.
  • Display. A single-sided display is one of the most common selections. However, our business clients report that they have excellent success with double-sided products. These boost brand recognition among shoppers coming from either side of the street.

We Offer One-Stop Shop Convenience

Feather Flags and Sidewalks Signs for Curbside Pickup in Orange County CA

Ordering your feather banners or flags is as easy as connecting with the experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging. We can incorporate your graphics and lettering with a new message that helps your business point out its curbside pickup options and location.

If you do not have a presentation that you want to use, we can assist you with its design from the ground up. We collaborate with you on the ideal shape, color, and message selection. Most importantly, we provide you with suggestions for where to feature these flags and banners for maximum impact.

Of course, we will adhere to current standards of social distancing by providing you with the products via our own curbside pickup for business clients. Contact us today to discuss the feather banner or flag selection that is right for you!

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