Coming Soon Banners in Orange County CA
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Fast and Affordable Banners for Your Events and Promotions in Orange County CA!

Caliber Signs & Imaging is your one-stop-shop for all types of banners for events and promotions in Orange County, CA. Projects begin with a design consultation and end with a professional installation of the banner product. Here is how it works.

Determine Your Banner Needs

Coming Soon Banners in Orange County CA

Our sign shop routinely works with a broad range of business clients in need of banner signage. We’ve included examples of our banners throughout this blog as well as some popular uses:

  • Grand openings. Some clients have a firm opening date and want to see it on their grand opening banners. Others opt for a more generic presentation to allow the sign to remain in place longer. Besides that, consider adding a special offer as part of your grand opening advertisement. Doing so is an excellent way of encouraging the impulse stop.
  • Special or limited time offers. Consumers are conditioned to pay attention to banners because they typically display limited time offers. When you are ready to advertise specials, spring sales, or holiday savings, consider high-contrast banners with lettering as well as images. These photos can underscore the message of the lettering and allow for recognition at a glance.

Special Event Banners in Orange County CA

  • Construction fence banners. These banners go around the perimeter of properties while there is an active construction site on the other side. Frequently, property owners will highlight who the incoming businesses will be. Doing so creates a buzz and sets up the tenants for success. Sometimes, they heighten the hype by only placing an opening date on the sign. Neighbors will have plenty of discussions trying to figure out who comes in. We recommend using mesh banners for this purpose because they are durable and allow the wind to pass through, which limits wear and tear on the material.
  • Community events. Cookouts, church outings, meet-and-greets with local politicians, and other community events benefit from banners. They assist with wayfinding, highlight the event, encourage community participation, and bring in plenty of foot traffic.
  • Trade shows. Trade show signage is instrumental in catching the attention of consumers. Our banners do their parts. These may be the classic vinyl banners above a display table, the ceiling-mounted banner that catches the eye with movement, or the retractable banner, which is a workhorse on the trade show circuit.

High-Quality Print Matters

Special Event Banners in Orange County CA

Our technicians use two high-quality printers when preparing your banner products: a Roland VP540i eco-solvent and the HP650 latex ink setups. Depending on your product’s overall specs, we use the appropriate printer to ensure vibrant colors, perfect color matches, and detailed graphics. We can also prepare gradient color changes as well as crisp black and white renditions of your details.

Event Banners and Tents in Orange County CA

Because this sign is typically out in the elements, the quality of the print matters. Moreover, some business clients opt to reuse banners for annual sales and similar events. Therefore, the colors must remain vibrant for a long time, no matter what the weather might be like.

Entrusting Our Sign Shop with a Project of Banners for Events and Promotions in Orange County CA

Business Pole Banners in Orange County CA

Whether you need two banners, 20, or 200, we can help. Caliber Signs & Imaging gladly accepts your high-volume banner jobs along with the occasional banner that you might need in between. Our installers happily also install the products, which eliminates the need for you to climb on a ladder.

Promotional Banners in Orange County CA

Our sign shop serves the business communities in and around Orange County including Irvine, Mission Viejo, Orange, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach. Besides that, we serve businesses statewide. Contact us today!