trade show display
Many businesses are busy prepping for their annual corporate events. During the holiday season and the year’s end, companies like to plan big get-togethers to show their appreciation for their clients and workers. With the best corporate event displays in Orange County, CA, you can give customers, employees, and partners a lasting impression of the power of your brand. Whether you are hosting your event at a local hotel, conference center, or on-premises, corporate signs from Caliber Signs & Imaging will transform the venue to offer the precise environment you want.



With custom corporate event signage, you have the ability to market your brand at the location of your event or conference. This keeps your clients and partners focused on your organization throughout the event while developing trust in your brand.

Is your events budget kind of tight at the end of the fiscal year? Don’t worry! We offer corporate signage solutions to fit a variety of pricing points. Our sign options include table throws, retractable banners, removable vinyl graphics, foam board signs, hanging banners, and more. Plus, all of these can be used year after year.


Custom signs let guests know about the history of your company, your best-selling products, and about your services. You can accomplish these goals with compelling text and imagery. By using an array of signage applications together, you can create an atmosphere of celebration for your business’s success. For example, you can designate outdoor areas using fabric feather flags, apply vinyl to windows and mirrors throughout the building, install graphics on your podium, and mount a banner behind your presentation area.



Business events usually try to bring people from all different aspects of the company together. This includes existing and potential customers, front office employees, and other workers. You will need clear and coherent visual communications if you want to keep your event organized and on track. The best way to help attendees is with wayfinding signs. Directional signs inform attendees and limit confusion in a novel environment.



We have already touched on numerous alternatives for your gathering, but here is some more information on our clients’ favorite options:

  • Table Throws – You will likely have a table set up where people can learn more about the event and get a nametag as they arrive. You can begin your branding right away with a custom table throw featuring your business’s logo.
  • Table Top Displays – While attendees wait to be served food, custom cardboard tabletop displays can share information about your enterprise.
  • Banners – Banners are indispensable at corporate events whether you use retractable banners with full-color graphics or large hanging banners inviting workers and their families in. After the party is over, you can easily store your retractable banner for next year or display it in your reception area.

These are just some of the ways you can transform your event’s venue into your own. If you are in need of an event display for corporate events in Orange County, CA, contact us today for our award-winning, eco-friendly solutions!