Corporate Timeline Wall Murals in Irvine CA

Tell Your Corporate Story with Historical Timeline Wall Murals in Irvine CA

What do you want clients visiting your location to know about your business? For most corporate customers, it is the brand message that matters the most. And, to create a presentation that causes buy-in from your targeted demographic. Most importantly, companies can put together a display that entices visitors to learn more about the business. This can be done with historical timeline wall murals in Irvine CA.

Put Your Company History on a Wall

Corporate Timeline Wall Murals Irvine CA


Do you have a focal wall that you want to dedicate to the brand-building purpose? We recommend messages printed on adhesive-backed 3M vinyl. Examples include quotes from your mission statement. Underscore how diversity is a win-win for your business, employees, and clients. The advantage of a vinyl-only display is that it fits on any size wall.

A Combination of Vinyl and Dimensional Letters

Vinyl wall murals with dimensional lettering

Begin your communication with the client while they are still waiting in the reception area. A wall that exemplifies your commitment to customer care is an excellent brand-building tool that quickly leads to buy-in. It shows how your company differentiates itself from the competition.

Besides that, you might turn this focal wall into an interior décor piece. We recommend combining imprinted vinyl with dimensional letters. Consider the use of brushed aluminum or painted PVC, acrylic, or foam. Incorporate your tagline or motto as part of the display. It is an excellent opportunity for helping your client feel welcomed and believe that they made the right choice when selecting your company.

Popular Locations for Historical Timeline Wall Murals in Irvine, CA

Corporate Timeline Wall Murals in Irvine CA

When clients are your target audience, we highly recommend displaying the lettering in the lobby, waiting rooms, and hallways leading up to meeting places. These are areas where your clients typically have access to and are a great place to reveal your corporate history.


Some business owners have also taken more unconventional ways of featuring their information. Cases in point are the business owners who request lettering to be installed in the company’s bathrooms. It is a quirky way of capitalizing on wall spaces and captive audiences. Most importantly, it creates a display that people talk about.

Business Timeline Wall Murals in Irvine CA


In educational venues, timelines find great display spaces in computer labs, on walls of the playground, and in long hallways. For restaurants, the wall art should be near the entrance and then once again the focal point of the dining room. There are plenty of excellent methods for presenting lettering in such a way that it has a maximum effort.

If you are unsure how to integrate it with your interior décor at this point, enlist the assistance of our graphic artist. We gladly help you put together the look, style, and overall presentation of the message. Contact us today!


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