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 Are you looking for a way to make the interior décor of your office really pop? Do you have an event coming up and want a tasteful way to promote it? Or, do you have an image that you would like to showcase like a piece of art? All of these goals can be attained through the use of custom posters, prints, and displays in Orange County, CA. Fortunately, Caliber Signs & Imaging is your top provider of these sophisticated pieces.



The only way to get a large print of a picture you like is to print it out on photo paper and stick it in a frame, right? Wrong! Thanks to modern day large format digital printers, any high-resolution image can be printed on canvas and mounted on a frame.

We have completed a lot of projects like this. For instance, for a fertility clinic, we created a series of large vibrant, full-color prints of microscopic images of a sperm fertilizing an egg, the fertilized egg dividing, and the fetus developing. These were then installed in their lobby for a dramatic effect. We have also done the same with photos a clients of ours took while traveling in England, France, and Ireland. These beautiful photos are now printed on canvas and proudly displayed in her office.



When most people think of posters, they envision glossy images printed on high-quality paper. This is definitely a more popular solution. However, we can also print your poster on vinyl or even acrylic to make it extra durable.

We get regular requests for elegant posters from high-end retailers that want to display their top-selling products in intricate detail. For example, The Passionate Collector has commissioned us for multiple large prints on acrylic. This allows shoppers an up-close glimpse at some of the jewelry they offer. Bentley Prince Street hired us to produce massive posters that help draw attention to the quality of the dresses they sell.

In addition, we produce posters for A-frame signs that are sure to catch the eyes of consumers in high-traffic areas. And, tabletop posters are an excellent choice near points of purchases.



Banners are not always hanging from the rafters. They can also be displayed vertically in a fashion that is similar to most posters. We get a lot of calls for retractable banner stands. These displays are a favorite because we can print any message you want on the vinyl banner or poster. When you are not using the banner, it retracts into a cassette at the base of the sign for easy storage and transportation. Many organizations use these markers at trade shows. Then, between events, they showcase the graphics in their lobby.

This entry was meant to just give you an idea of what you can do using posters, office prints, and displays for your business in Orange County, CA. There are several other options available. For solutions specifically tailored to your needs, give us a call for a free consultation!