Mobile Marketing with Vehicle Wraps in Irvine CA
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Mobile Marketing in Irvine: Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Every Business!

Caliber Signs & Imaging is at the forefront of the mobile marketing revolution in the OC. As such, we routinely design, fabricate, and install vehicle wraps and graphics in Irvine, CA. Now, as never before, are there needs for quickly advertising changing business models and temporary services.

COVID-19 Changes Business ModelsDelivery Vehicle wraps for COVID 19 in Irvine CA

Restaurants that never delivered food before are now entering the take-out and delivery business. Companies that might have operated with a handshake and personal touch now advertise their social distancing. Therefore, your customers must know how your business is staying in step with the times.

Mobile Marketing Enables Targeted Advertising and Branding

Mobile Marketing with Vehicle Wraps in Irvine CA

Letting the consumer know what you bring to the table is essential. Prospective customers want to know why doing business with you makes sense. Besides that, they want to know that it is safe to do so. And, the cost per impression (CPM) as you can see from the graphic below makes vehicle wraps the affordable advertising option!

Vehicle Wraps Cost Per Impression in Irvine CA

With the help of vehicle wraps, graphics, and lettering products, you can ensure that you build or maintain trust.

  • Identify yourself. Everyone is at home. When an unknown vehicle pulls up to the curb, it creates interest. Because neighbors are looking out for each other, it makes sense that they want to know what you are doing in the area. This watchfulness is your advantage. When you display your company’s details on the sides of a car, truck, or van, you now have more consumers seeing the information.
  • Pinpoint needs and solutions. Do you assist customers with the installation of television sets, cable TV, and repairs for internet-related components? Right now, people rely on the internet and television more than before. If they were to lose one of these amenities, it would make life difficult. Therefore, you can help consumers by highlighting what services you provide. It makes it easy for the customer to recognize your business and contact you.
  • Highlight new services or products. Are you adding a new service component to your menu? Are there new products that you are temporarily adding to your lineup? If this is the case, let shoppers know where they can go or call to have things delivered. Print ads and changed sales collateral may take a while to get this point across. Vehicle advertising displays information instantly.

Getting Your Company’s Vehicle Wraps and Graphics in Irvine, CA

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics in Irvine CA

It is not necessary for you to already have a finished sketch on hand. Our graphic artist will gladly work with your business to put together a product that outlines what you want the shopper to see when they are outside. By the way, did you know that you do not have to change the entire wrap just to add temporary information?

Our team can add temporary information that we integrate with the graphics or wrap products you already have installed. In this way, your advertising and branding message remains relevant even in a changing world.

Best of all, you do not have to leave your business to visit our sign shop. Instead, call us at (949) 748-1070 to talk about the graphics product that you are thinking of adding. Besides that, we offer free quotes on vehicle wraps and related products online. Contact us today to commission a new wrap or add on to an existing graphics setup!

Be sure to check out our vehicle wrap FAQs!

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