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Illuminated Signs In Irvine CA – What Types Are Available?

 Once darkness falls, do you have a good way to catch the eyes of potential customers? Do you have trouble getting your clientele to come by at night? If you are not clearly identifying your storefront at all hours of the day and night, consumers may take their money elsewhere. This means it is important for you to have illuminated signs for Irvine, CA in place.

Once the sun sets, even the most attractive non-illuminated signs are dull and useless. Yet, your branding continues after dark when you go with illuminated signage. Against the shadowy background of the city, these markers are typically the only feature that stands out. Check out some of the solutions we have available:



Channel letters are probably the most popular type of illuminated sign. They are usually found on industrial buildings, commercial offices, retail establishments, and more. They are celebrated for their effectiveness, affordability, and versatility. Channel letters can be mounted on a raceway, or we can install them directly to the façade of your venue. Raceways are the better alternative when drilling must be kept to a minimum.

Channel letters come in several varieties. Front-lit letters have an aluminum frame with an acrylic front face through which LED lights shine. A one of a kind appearance is achieved by using transparent acrylic faces. Some channel letters have a solid aluminum front and an open back. As the light shines through the back, this creates a halo effect on the wall the marker is mounted to.

what-types-are-available2LIGHTBOX CABINETS


If you want to boost your name recognition, lightbox cabinet signs are a smart alternative. The plastic push through faces can feature custom typefaces, logos, and colors that precisely match your branding. We make sure they can stand up against harsh elements by using durable extruded aluminum in their construction. A powder coat finish and car-grade paint are also used. With these signs, we also take care of electrical work, installation, and permitting.

what-types-are-available3PYLON SIGNS WITH CABINETS


Pylon signs are the perfect option if you want consumers to be able to find your building from far away or if your business is situated next to a freeway. The cabinet is installed on a tall pole. There are many different styles to pick from, such as two-sided and one-sided. We build these markers so that the pylon does not obscure the light as it shines through the acrylic face.



Monument signs with cabinets combine the best features of monuments and lightbox cabinets. These attention-grabbing signs will turn the heads of pedestrians and motorists. We get plenty of requests for reader boards from churches and schools. These are manually updated with a set of numbers and letters. If you need to update your information frequently, you should consider LED message boards, which are easily programmable with your custom message.

what-types-are-available4Caliber Signs & Imaging can supply you with top-quality illuminated signs for Irvine, CA. Contact us today for a free estimate if you are ready to take advantage of these branding powerhouses.