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Die-Cut Vinyl Wall Graphics “Flying High” for STA Jets in Irvine CA!

STA is a private jet company that caters to owners who need superior management of their planes. It involves the scheduling of highly-trained aviators as well as the maintenance of the jets. When the business wanted to upgrade the ambiance of its facility, the management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, production, and installation of die-cut vinyl wall graphics in Irvine, CA.

Turning Vinyl Wall Graphics into Eye Candy

Wall Graphics in Irvine CA

We met with the STA Jets to take measurements of the facility. Its fantastic size inspired our graphic artist to use colored vinyl in new ways. The client envisioned the use of a contemporary design that involved a variety of different planes. Moreover, the company wanted to add visual breaks to some of its dead space that was not suitable for standard artwork. The client also wanted the graphics to align with their brand logo (above).

Die Cut Vinyl Wall Graphics in Irvine CA

In the course of this project, we used more than 1,000 square feet of vinyl. This gives you a glimpse into the enormity of the project. The focal points are two airplane silhouettes that measure 31 and 34 feet in width. They beautify two of the long hallways. Moreover, a 24-foot airplane silhouette that depicts the front of a jet is in the main office.

Now, employees and visitors to the space are greeted by contemporary designs that give the facility a modern feel. They add chic and pizzazz to what previously only had a utilitarian ambiance.

You Have Dead Wall Space; We Have Solutions!

Wall Graphics with Branding Power in Irvine CA

Whether you are using a loft space for your office, converted a warehouse as a showroom, or operate a factory with large wall areas, you can transform the area to take on the ambiance you are looking for. Best of all, you can do so with a budget-friendly investment in vinyl wall graphics.

They allow for the creation of compelling visuals that appeal to your consumer demographic. At the same time, these images underscore your branding as well as your value proposition. In the case of STA, we used stylized depictions of its product options. In your case, you might choose to depict manufacturing methods or graphics featuring customers using your products.

Another way of filling odd wall spaces is to label rooms and provide wayfinding assistance with large lettering. This adds a modern feel to an area and highlights the industrial setting. As a result, you can build on a factory look and feel that serves as a brand message.

How to Order Die-Cut Vinyl Wall Graphics in Irvine, CA

Caliber Signs & Imaging is the full-service sign shop that empowers you to work with graphic artists to design the types of images that are unique to your business, niche, and space. Most importantly, we show you what the proposed graphics look like before you approve the project.

If you thought that the beautification of a utilitarian space is out of reach, think again. We are here to tell you that you can significantly enhance the visual aesthetics and incorporate your brand message, too. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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