COVID 19 return to work office signs in Orange County CA

COVID-19 Return to Work Office Signs You’ll Need in Orange County CA

Re-opening an office is no small feat. With the governor finally allowing specific industries to once again welcome employees and customers into their offices, it is critical to focus on safe workplace practices. With customized COVID-19 return to work office signs in Orange County, CA, you can help protect staff members and consumers from contracting the coronavirus.

Zurich Insurance Exemplifies a Comprehensive Signage Approach in the OC

This insurer maintains offices in Irvine, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Woodland Hills, among others. The firm employs a large staff and, therefore, we were contacted to discuss return-to-work signs that would maintain everyone’s safety.

COVID 19 return to work office signs in Orange County CA

Maximum Occupancy Signs for Offices Reopending in Orange County CA

Occupancy signs. Forward-looking employers emphasize physical distancing with occupancy signs. For Zurich, we customized the products to feature the blue and white brand tones. Moreover, we printed the company’s rules about occupancy in file rooms, enclaves, focus pods, and conference rooms.

Health Check Questions Signs for Offices Reopening in the OC

Health check panel. Instead of requiring an attendant to ask each employee about their health upon entering, the firm decided to feature a list of questions in panel form. Before swiping a badge and entering, it is instrumental for each worker to answer the questions affirmatively. If they cannot do so, they are given instructions on whom to contact.

Welcome Back Banners Stands for Offices Reopening in Orange County CA

Banners and stands. Our technicians customized retractable banner stands to feature a “Welcome Back” message that repeats the most important safety precautions. Examples include warnings to physically distance and recommendations to eat lunch at the desk.

Sneeze Guards for offices reopening in Orange County CA

Sneeze guards. In addition to signage, we also installed acrylic sneeze guards. The client requested rounded edges and the cutout of a reach-through for files and papers. They enable distancing when personal interactions are necessary.

Sanitation Magnets for Computer Screens in Orange County CA

Sanitation requests. Employees receive magnets that they can attach to their computer screens. They alert the cleaning staff that the workstation has been used and needs to be sanitized in keeping with the CDC guidelines.

Mask and Face Covering Signs for Offices in Orange County CA

Social Distancing Easel Signs for Offices in Orange County CA

Easel signage. Taking advantage of the ease with which you can move easels around an office, Zurich requested occupancy reminder panels to place in areas experiencing potential use. Easels also remind of the face-covering requirement.

Social Distancing Floor Decals for Offices Reopening in Orange County CA

Floor stickers. We placed social distancing floor stickers on a variety of substrates. Examples include laminates and carpeting. These round stickers look professional, are durable, and act as reminders for employees.

Cubicle Signs for Social Distancing in Orange County CA

Social Distancing Signs for Cubicles Open or Closed in Orange County CA

Cubicle toppers. The client is spacing out the workers who come into the office. White on red lettering alerts employees to the cubicle spaces that are closed. White on blue lettering underscores the open ones.

Does Your Business Need COVID-19 Return to Work Office Signs in Orange County, CA?

The signs we designed, fabricated, and installed for Zurich Insurance show the breadth of customization you might use to ensure your office space’s safe occupancy. Of course, you may have needs that are unique to your business or spatial arrangements. Our team will gladly customize the display modes, color combination, wording, and any other signage aspects to meet those requirements.

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