COVID 19 Floor Decals for Offices in Orange County CA

Office Reopening? Checklist for COVID-19 Signs in the Workplace

Caliber Signs & Imaging is your source of signage solutions that let you meet the expectations of a checklist for COVID-19 signs in the workplace. As the state is gradually reopening, it is time to think through the products you need to put in place to maintain the safety of customers and employees. Concurrently, you want to educate the consumer on the new ways of interacting with your brand.

Customized COVID-19 Signs for Health and Safety

Our sign shop technicians understand that you need to hit the ground running. For this reason, we offer several signage solutions that make it possible to remind workers and visitors to your venue on how to interact safely.

Personal Hygience COVID 19 Signs in Orange County CA

Personal hygiene signs. You might see these imprinted aluminum panels in restrooms, employee lounges, and at the entrances to clinics. They feature headings such as “COVID-19 Prevention,” “Stop the Spread of Germs,” and “Keep Safe.” Opt for products with red or blue headings. By the way, these signs are available in English and Spanish as well as in bilingual renditions.

Social Distancing floor graphics in Orange County CA

Social distancing signage. Floor decals and window stickers reminding customers of social distancing are a necessity. Opt for products that showcase your brand colors and a brief message.

COVID 19 Storefront Signs in Orange County CA

Storefront signage. These products are brand interaction guides. They might highlight your “Curbside Pickup” location for products, “Delivery Available” notices, and “Appointment Only” notations. Stand out from the competition with brand-centric A-frames, flags, and sidewalk signs.

Sneeze Guards Provide a Physical Barrier between Employees and Customers

Checklist for COVID 19 Signs in the Workplace

Consisting of clear acrylic, these sneeze guards look attractive and mount easily to existing desks. Some clients prefer movable sneeze guards that allow for reconfiguration of meeting spaces. When you want to take advantage of this flexibility, we suggest the fabrication of solid stands that let you put the products securely in place.

Customization of sneeze guards is possible as well. Consider hanging these with reach-through openings at the bottom. Add decorative or brand-centric etched and frosted vinyl glass treatments. You will likely see these sneeze guards in most medical offices and customer service desks in any type of office and in reception areas of schools and service providers.

Do You Have a Checklist for COVID-19 Signs in the Workplace?

California businesses are changing the ways of interacting with the public. Property management companies reserve the right to refuse access to their buildings to tenants who neglect to follow the local health department’s guidelines. Moreover, consumers do not feel comfortable doing business with a company that does not have a plan in place for making shoppers feel safe.

While this puts a lot of pressure on business owners, it is possible to meet these requirements with the assistance of Caliber Signs & Imaging. Invite our technicians to visit your location for a site survey. It allows us to catalog areas where COVID-19 signage could be instrumental for a successful reopening.

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