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Benefits Of Digital Signs Over Traditional Static Signs – Part 2.

Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Digital-Signs2-1Dynamic Digital Signs (DDS) grew by 23% in 2013, according to industry experts. The US market totals about $2.5 billion and will reach $5 billion by 2016. By contrast, the static sign market totals $25 billion in the US, with about 4% CAGR.

Digital signs grab attention like no other sign. They create an interesting and engaging environment directly to the consumer. Most critically, they are very interactive and improve the customer experience for every type of business, providing the most relevant and targeted messages at the most appropriate times.

  • Messaging can be changed in real time, thus saving days of wait time for new displays
  • Creation of a stimulating environment can shape customer’s short and long term behavior
  • Promotions & features can be scheduled automatically and even remotely, saving time and increasing efficiency
  • Save on materials and labor in changing out thousands of static signs in the retail environment
  • Digital signs may generate advertising revenue to cover operational costs by selling advertising space to featured vendors
  • Some signs are effective for indoor and outdoor displays
  • Companies can still differentiate themselves from competition with great content, images and videos.

Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Digital-Signs2-3Other names digital signs are known by include digital media networks, retail television, electronic display networks, digital in-store merchandising, electronic billboards, or even datacasting.

The most important key to success with using digital signs is the content. It involves selling or educating in one form or another. Successful content depends on five key factors:

  • Relevance
  • Placement
  • Refresh rate
  • Audiovisual stimulation
  • Engagement

These factors are the reason it is important to consider buying a digital sign system from a qualified sign company, rather than say, an audio visual company. Sign companies employ graphic designers that can create engaging content in the correct digital format. An understanding of creation life cycles shall ensure your business will boost sales as a result of purchasing a digital sign system. Few companies hold this knowledge. As for a certified  and qualified DSEG member – ask Caliber Signs and Imaging now!

Finally, remember this; in selling value, the only constant is change!

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