The Arrival Of A New And Innovative Idea For Mobile Advertisement


Printing advertisements on Vinyl Sheets and laminating them onto a vehicle? Sounds crazy, right? In the last 5 years vehicle wraps have emerged as an effective and proven means of advertising. If having a dedicated page in WIKIPEDIA is any indication of being accepted as a main stream concept than WRAP ADVERTISING has arrived.

As a mobile billboard, wrap advertising or vehicle wrapping has replaced painting vehicles as a cost effective marketing alternative. From bus wraps and train wraps, to wrapping a truck, wrapping a van or wrapping a trailer and wrapping a car, a wide variety of vehicles are leveraged to market businesses, restaurants, products and services.


“Outdoor Advertising Magazine” considers mobiles media billboards (vehicle wraps) a highly effective means of advertising, stating that they are remembered 97% of the time. The “Traffic Audit Bureau” further endorses this modern alternative by stating that on local routes the monthly impressions generated range from one to four million hits. A successful implementation of a vehicle advertising campaign can be seen along the 55 freeway in Orange County, CA. The wrap was designed and installed by a local vehicle wrap specialist, Caliber Signs & Imaging out of Irvine, CA. This installation features “Best Wines” installed on a van and generates thousands of impressions daily for the business.



Vehicle wrap design and proper application are key components of vehicle advertising. It’s imperative to insure these 3 steps to prevent costly vehicle-wrap mistakes:

  • Proper Design to avoid poor response rates.
  • Professional Installation to avoid vehicle wrap de-lamination.
  • High Quality Films and Expert Print-Process to avoid fading vehicle wraps.

Professional installers like Caliber Signs & Imaging, work closely with clients and their teams to optimize the image and message of the advertisement that is applied onto the vehicles. Their expertise in preparing the Vinyl Film for installation and the attention to detail while applying the film yields a higher ROI for set advertising budgets by ensuring a long lasting appearance of the advertisement.


To explore the many options of advertising with Vehicle Wraps contact Caliber Signs & Imaging at 949-202-0028 or request a complimentary pricing guide.