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Monument Signs For Executive Suites In Irvine CA

Do your customers have trouble finding your venue? Are your clients forced to slam on their breaks and perform death-defying turns because they do not see your signage until the last minute? One way to help consumers find your building with plenty of time to slow down safely and turn into your parking lot is to use large, easy-to-read monument signs. Restoration Media realized this, so they contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging for monument signs for executive suites in Irvine, CA.



Located on Fitch in Irvine, Restoration Media is a successful company with two main products. Response Knowledge encompasses their work in lead generation, email marketing, brand building, and data management. CareerCentric is a network of branded career portals and job search engines that delivers millions of targeted job alerts to subscribers each day. They have their own campus which they call SPACE and are currently looking for innovative and cutting-edge tenants to share the building with.

When an organization that does so much to help other businesses and individuals came to us for monument signs for executive suites in Irvine, CA, we were more than happy to help out. Restoration Media wanted a monument sign for their SPACE that was as advanced and state of the art as the services they provide and the businesses they hoped to attract. We had just the solution.



After an initial consultation during which we checked out Restoration Media’s SPACE, we recommended a marker that matched the unique design and materials used to create the building. The client really liked our art proofs, so we got down to fabricating the marker right away.

The monument sign is made to look like it is made of brick. To this, we added gold laminate dimensional letters that perfectly replicate the SPACE logo, including the intricate ampersand superimposed over the S and P. We also added easy-to-see address numbers. We worked with the client’s schedule to install the new marker at a time that was convenient for them. In the end, they were completely satisfied with the piece we produced.



Every building can benefit from having a good monument sign whether you want to display the name of your facility, operate a standalone business, or you want to showcase the names of your tenants. Thankfully, there are seemingly endless options for you to pick from when it comes to designs, colors, and materials for monument signs.

monument-signs-for-executive-suites-in-irvine-ca2As you drive around Irvine, one of the most distinguished exterior signs you will see are monument signs. They are often used as landmarks. For example, your receptionist may tell clients to turn onto your street then look for the big brown sign.

There are several types of monument signs, including sandblasted signs, routed panels, and metal, concrete, and sign foam markers. We can even incorporate LED message boards or reader boards into your monument.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Caliber Signs & Graphics today for a free quote on monument signs for your organization.