Monument Sign Refurbishment in Irvine CA
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Monument Sign Refurbishment Illuminates IBC Medial Plaza in Irvine CA!

Located at 2500 Alton Parkway, the IBC Medical Plaza is home to several high-profile healthcare providers. In the past, the facility’s management company had commissioned a standard property identity monument sign. It served its purpose but did little to highlight the names of the individual tenants. For this reason, the management company contacted our sign shop to inquire about undertaking a monument sign refurbishment in Irvine CA.

Converting a Property Identity Monument Sign to a Marquee Monument

Monument Sign Refurbishment in Irvine CA

A marquee sign advertises the names of the individual building tenants. Just as the monument sign, it installs near the side of the road. We consulted with our client to put together a tenant identification sign that would meet the facility’s needs while also working with the structure that was already in place.

By using the same base and concrete footing, we saved our client money and met the city’s code requirements. Moreover, our team worked with the city of Irvine to handle the permitting process. With the paperwork out of the way, we manufactured a double-sided lighted road sign that identifies the name of the building, features the address number, and details the names of tenants.

After dark, the sign lights up via built-in LEDs. These are cost-effective light sources that attract attention. Now, the product advertises the property as well as the businesses. It is a win-win. Most importantly, the visual aesthetics are stunning and emphasize the contemporary nature of the building itself.

Should You Buy a New Sign or Refurbish What You Have?

Monument Sign Refacing Irvine CA

It is not always easy to answer this question. Our team frequently visits business owners for a site survey to look at outdated marquee monument signs and similar products. Some are in poor overall shape. If we suspect that your sign may require significant repairs in the next three to five years, we might recommend a replacement.

However, if the overall integrity of the structure is intact, refurbishing the product is a good choice. Frequently, it allows us to take advantage of well-placed footers to install more prominent building identification signs. Sometimes, a business owner decides to change from a standard product to a lighted road sign. Similarly, if there are already lights, it may be time to present them as a double-sided display.

If the sign has been in place for a long time, refurbishing it can add tremendous curb appeal to your property. Moreover, it may underscore improvements you recently made to the location. Doing so may attract new tenants. For the individual company owners, it can result in more impulse stops, which is excellent for business.

Are You a Good Candidate for Monument Sign Refurbishment in Irvine CA?

Have you been thinking about making some changes to the look of the outdoor signage at your location? Many businesses are contacting us about LED retrofits to reduce sign lighting costs! Maybe you want to modernize the way it looks. Conversely, you might be thinking of converting it into a double-sided illuminated monument sign in Irvine, CA. Discuss your plans with the experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging to learn more about your options.

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