Vehicle wrap
Truck lettering for Irvine, CA has become incredibly popular because it provides business owners with the best marketing for their buck. Turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard reaches more people at a lower cost per thousand impressions than radio, television, or newspaper ads. In addition, today’s shoppers are attracted more to visual appeal. In this way, truck lettering delivers. Here are some examples of industries that can benefit from these graphics:




Do you offer a catering service? Do your customers know about it? You may list this bit of information in a tiny corner of your menu, but do your patrons associate your food with a catered banquet or party? Ensure that your van or car bears the name and logo of your eatery as your deliver food around Irvine. You can also use lettering to list your most popular dishes as well as your cuisine.

If your livelihood depends upon standing out in a group of parked food trucks, the best way to distinguish yourself is with vehicle lettering in bold colors. This is also an excellent solution for listing your prices and menu items. When you leave plenty of space for your enterprise’s logo and name, you can begin to generate brand recognition. This is an important factor in getting hungry diners to look for you and change their buying decisions when they see your truck driving up.


Even if you use your personal vehicle for work, there are other reasons to add lettering. For instance, pull up in a lettered vehicle when you travel around to teach cooking classes. Teachers and students alike will be exposed to your branding. When you show up with your truck lettering, you will build goodwill, generate a buzz, and boost your name recognition.



Most of the work done by contractors is in the home or place of business of clients. Heating and air conditioning professionals, plumbers, handymen, electricians, and everyone else working in the contracting trades travels to job sites. You do not boost your name recognition or reinforce brand awareness when you show up in a nondescript van or truck. You simply become known as “the plumber,” and when friends are looking for a reference, they cannot remember your name. With truck lettering, you will be memorable to your clients and noticeable to their neighbors.



If you own or operate a dealership that provides services and sells vehicles, truck lettering for Irvine, CA is a must. Courtesy shuttles and parts delivery trucks should be equipped with decals and lettering to prove that you will take care of your customers after the sale. Tastefully identify your vehicles using small lettering if you provide loaner automobiles to clients whose cars are being fixed. This lets your customers’ coworkers and neighbors know who they trust with their vehicle.

These are just a few of the industries that benefit from vinyl vehicle lettering. Caliber Signs & Imaging has a team of experts that can perfectly capture your existing colors, fonts, and logo to further your branding efforts. If you are interested in truck lettering, contact us today for a free estimate.