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Custom Lobby Display For Jenavalve Technology In Irvine CA

Have you ever walked into a reception area and been struck by how bare it was? Did it influence your opinion of the business? The interior décor of your lobby has a major impact on how people see your enterprise. One of the elements that can lead to a positive first impression is a high-quality lobby sign. JenaValve Technology realized this. That is why they contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging for custom lobby signs for Irvine, CA.


Located on Irvine Center Drive in Irvine, JenaValve Technology was founded in 2006 to develop second-generation transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) systems for transfemoral and transapical implantation. Basically, their TAVI systems can save the lives of high-risk patients suffering from heart problems, specifically aortic heart valve stenosis, and who need a therapeutic alternative to surgical aortic valve replacement.

When a company that provides a device that could potentially save the lives of people all over the world came to us for custom lobby displays for Irvine, CA, we were honored to be of service. JenaValve was looking for a professional way to welcome in clients while displaying their logo. We knew exactly what to do.


During the initial consultation, we performed a site survey and took some pictures and measurements. We also listened to what exactly JenaValve wanted for their reception area. Once we believed we had a good idea of what the client had in mind, we created design proofs of four options for them to choose from.

JenaValve chose to have their logo rendered on quarter-inch thick black acrylic with brushed aluminum faces and painted accents that perfectly matched their corporate colors. In smaller black acrylic letters, we rendered their tagline: “Designed with the patient at heart.” We then worked with the client’s schedule to install the lobby display at a time that was convenient for them.



If your reception area consists of a few neutral-colored chairs, a fake plant, and plenty of outdated magazines, it may be time for a change. An excellent way to transform the look of your lobby is by adding a lobby sign. There are several options available. Some of the popular requests we get are

  • Acrylic Letters – As you can see from the JenaValve sign, we can fabricate acrylic letters to perfectly replicate your logo.
  • Metal Laminate – The marker also demonstrates how we can add a thin layer of real metal alloy to various substrates to produce an affordable metallic appearance.
  • Sign Foam Letters – If you are looking for a particularly dimensional appearance, sign foam is the way to go.
  • Acrylic Panel Signs – We can apply lettering and graphics to clear acrylic panels to create a dramatic effect.

If you are ready to add some pizzazz to your reception area, contact the friendly professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging for a free consultation on lobby signs.