Illuminated Branded Signs in Irvine CA
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Custom Channel Letters, Illuminated and Branded Signs in Irvine CA!

Orgain is the result of a man’s journey from cancer recovery to nutritional advocacy. The company’s founder determined that the artificial and modified ingredients in so-called nutrition shakes were not as healthy as they claimed. After trial and error, Orgain was born. It is a brand that promises natural nutrition. Recently, the company’s management team contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging to discuss the design of color-matching illuminated exterior and interior signs in Irvine, CA.

Outfitting Headquarters with Channel Letter Signs

Custom Channel Letters, Illuminated and Branded signs in Irvine, CA

The company underwent a recent rebranding effort. Therefore, it needed two new illuminated signs. One would be on the interior and the other one on the exterior. Because the client had particular signage requirements, we had to rework some of our shop setups to meet the specifications. Case in point is the design of small channel letters. Typically, the smallest sizes are about eight or nine inches. However, the client requested five-inch lettering. No problem!

Our team created the building signs with different technologies. For the outside sign, we designed a backlit channel letter product. We painted the surface to become a perfect Pantone color match. Next, we worked on the design of the dual lit interior sign. It features the brand message via a translucent vinyl overlay. The client selected his favorite look from a variety of samples our shop provided. Now, it impresses with face lit and backlit presentations.

Lighted Signs for Lobby Areas are Quickly Becoming Popular

Illuminated Branded Signs in Irvine CA

Bringing illumination into the reception area is not as unusual as you might think. More and more business owners are now looking to this design to add pizzazz to their lobbies. For some, the added illumination is a necessity. For others, it is an interior design tool to heighten the brand presentation within the space. We recommend the use of LEDs because they are inexpensive to operate and adapt to whatever display you prefer.

  • Channel letters. Our shop gladly scales down channel letters to fit into your space. We do not mind breaking all the design rules and fully customizing your display in keeping with the vision you have for the brand.
  • Push-through lettering. Another illumination option is the use of push-through acrylic letters with a metal logo board. LEDs light up the lettering from behind and feature the unique colors that you seek to express.
  • Rear-mounted LEDs. If you are thinking of commissioning an acrylic lobby logo board, consider the addition of LEDs that we mount to the back of the material. Once we paint the acrylic, you will not see the light sources. Rather, you notice the illumination as a halo feature around the corners of the sign itself.

Do You Need Brand Change Signs?

If you are undergoing a rebranding, your signage does have to change. There are different schools of thoughts. Some suggest beginning the process on the exterior and gradually working inward. Others favor an all-at-once approach that changes the look of your brand presentation overnight. No matter which method you prefer, we can help.

When you need color-matching illuminated exterior and interior signs in Irvine, CA, Caliber Signs & Imaging is the full-service sign shop that makes it happen. We serve the business communities in and around Irvine, Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Orange, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach.

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