3D Letter Building Signs for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Going out to eat is quickly becoming a favorite pastime of SoCal locals. Restaurants in the OC are working hard to welcome current and new guests with updated menus and themes. However, to stand out from the competition, you need fully customized building signs for restaurants in Orange County, CA.

1. Custom Font Channel Letters

Building signs for restaurants in Orange County CA

One of the many reasons why channel letters are so popular is the opportunity to showcase a company’s font selection. It sets it apart from other businesses in the same niche. Besides that, fonts evoke specific feelings or memories. Therefore, they are premier brand-building tools. Because these signs are typically illuminated, they highlight the font, which you can further emphasize with the choice of the color.

2. 3D Letter Building Signs

3D Letter Building Signs for Restaurants in Orange County CA

It is interesting to note that channel letters are not the only option. Three-dimensional letters are another exciting option. For example, you might feature flat-cut metal or acrylic letters. However, you do not have to limit yourself. Another choice is fabricated metal or plastic. It allows for the inclusion of LEDs, which illuminate the sign after dark. Moreover, fabricated signage lets you choose prismatic faces or rounded edges. We can mount the letters flush to a wall or standing up on an overhang, which is an eye-catching presentation.

3. 3D Letter Logo Building Signs

3D Letter Logo Exterior Signs in Orange County CA

When you want to draw attention to the logo display, we recommend the customization of one or more lightbox cabinets. Technicians shape them to be true to your symbol’s look or to a geometric showing that you prefer. By including LEDs, these boxes light up after dark. Consider pairing the cabinet signs with channel letters, flat-cut 3D letters, or fabricated letters. The illumination will provide some light for these signs. If you selected LEDs for the letters, too, they would shine brightly along with the lightboxes.

4. Shaped Channel Letter and Lightbox Cabinet Combination

Channel Letters for Eateries in Orange County CA

Shaped channel letters do not follow a straight line. Instead, they might feature a slight bow, which changes the heights of the various style elements. Clients have had excellent success with featuring this look alongside an elongated box cabinet for niche differentiation. The larger channel letters seem to incorporate the cabinet sign, which creates a distinctive branding.

How to Buy Customized Building Signs for Restaurants in Orange County, CA

Our shop’s graphic artist welcomes the opportunity to work with you. When you already have some specs that your guests are familiar with, we can incorporate them in the building sign of your choice. Conversely, if you are thinking of making some changes, we can help you with this project, too. For the franchise owner who needs an accurate logo replica and color match, we ensure the perfect look.

By the way, if you are thinking of underscoring your building sign’s brand message with supporting signage, consider the addition of window graphics. They look attractive and let you expand on the information that your signage sends. Moreover, you can repeat the color and font combination for brand recognition. Contact us today to learn more about your options!

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