High-Quality Vinyl Signs in Irvine

Are you looking for practical and effective signage solutions for your Irvine business? Commercial vinyl signs are self-adhesive marketing tools that can be used indoors or outdoors. They can turn smooth and flat surfaces into impactful advertisements and branded decor.  

Many Advantages of Investing in Irvine Vinyl Signs

  • Economical: Commercial vinyl signs are ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking for budget-friendly marketing solutions. Despite being less expensive than other advertising avenues, these signs can still effectively generate profitable results so long as they are expertly designed, fabricated, and installed.
  • Visually Stimulating: Indoor and outdoor vinyl signs come in many customization options. You can showcase full-color and high-resolution graphics, images, or lettering. With the help of our professional artists, you can surely wow your target audience and leave a lasting impression.
  • Multi-purpose: Vinyl business signs can be installed in many areas, such as walls, windows, and floors. Our Irvine team will help you identify which signage types and styles would work best for your space, goals, branding, and budget.
  • Maximize your area: Since vinyl signage can be applied almost anywhere, you can effortlessly transform your bare or ordinary spaces into profitable ads. Storefront window stickers, for example, pique the interest of passersby and inform customers about your store hours.
  • Branded environment: An excellent way to cement your brand and create a conducive workplace for your employees is by putting up vinyl signs that represent your values and qualities.

Types of Vinyl Signs for Your Irvine-Based Company

  • Gloss vinyl: These come with shiny and reflective surfaces that bring a lot of attention to the area where you have them installed. For added visual impact, we highly recommend installing specific kinds of LED fixtures that complement your signage.
  • Matte vinyl: If you prefer something that looks more appropriate for your office, clinic, or facility, we suggest that you go with the matte finish. These vinyl films last 3 to 5 years on average.
  • Translucent vinyl: These vinyl signs allow a small amount of diffused light to pass through, which creates an impressive display of different hues and designs.
  • Transparent vinyl: These see-through vinyl films are often used indoors for short-term needs. They are often used as backgrounds for the easy application of intricately designed signs.
  • Metallic vinyl: For brands with a luxe and exquisite image, metallic vinyl signs are for you. These come in copper, galvanized, graphite, silver, gold, and iridescent finishes.
  • Reflective vinyl: These are commonly used as road safety signs and emergency or police vehicle wraps. They may seemingly look plain during the day, but at night, they reflect whatever color of light shines toward them.
  • Photoluminescent vinyl: You have to invest in photoluminescent vinyl signs to promote safety in your facility. These gather solar energy during the day and illuminate at night or when lights are switched off. Photoluminescent vinyl is commonly used as an emergency exit and wayfinding sign.
  • Blackboard vinyl: These unique vinyl signs are typically used as menu boards or sidewalk signs. As the name suggests, you can use wipeable chalkboard markers or regular chalk to write and draw on the surface. From office announcements to specials of the day, you have the option to update certain details on top of what’s already printed on your signage.

Why is Expert Installation Important?

Most vinyl signs need professional installation to ensure that the final product is free of tears, ripples, bubbles, and other imperfections. When customers see your seamless signs, they will immediately get a sense of the company’s professionalism and reputation. Keep in mind that branding is also about your

Irvine Sign Shop for All Your Vinyl Signage Needs

Caliber Signs & Imaging is a full-service signage company specializing in a wide range of custom communication solutions that suit your specific goals, needs, and budget. Our vinyl signs are fabricated from top-notch materials to ensure that they are visually impressive and long-lasting at the same time.

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