Dynamic Digital Signage (DDS)

Visually engage your customer to drive sales and marketing

Dynamic Digital Signage (DDS) is delivering more value in new markets and driving a trend from static signage to dynamic signage.

More than just TV screens cycling information about products or services, DDS is finding widespread use as Point of Sales (POS) medium, regardless of the industry you serve. Traditional printing takes time and effort to produce. If your business communicates promotions to viewers about specials or events, then consider the benefit of being able to do all this in real time and automatically schedule different promotions. The digital content revoluntionizes the way you engage with your viewer, making the experience much more interactive, and therefore memorable, which creates more sales and return on investment. Caliber focuses on the content creation and its management to capture the viewer’s attention and deliver measurable ROI.

DDS also has immense capabilities to extend your social media reach. For example, Digital Signage can connect with smartphones to create unique connections between brands and their customers. Viewers can Tweet, Email, text or post to Facebook and have their message show up on the screen. They can capture useful information by connecting with a screen’s content such as catalogs, schedules, events, videos and more. The software delivers immediate deals, promotions, rewards and give-aways. This type of interaction provides high value at trade shows and events. Through smartphone connections, it is possible to track user activity and build marketing lists and e-marketing campaigns.

Build your prospective clients and traffic in your store, on-line and at live events with Caliber Digital Displays.


It is a new and dynamic way to deploy and manage digital signage. It allows users to deliver dynamic content and messaging to their audiences while creating new opportunities and customer experiences.



  • Real time communication and promotion
  • Scheduling of content for any day, week or month
  • Improved customer interaction over traditional signage
  • Provide a true differentiator for your business in the market
  • Source of revenue from advertising spots
  • Direct customer interaction using cell phones with Facebook, Twitter, Texting, etc.


Commercial Businesses, Retail, Event Planners, Indoor Arenas, Healthcare, Education, Financial, Hospitality, Transportation.


  • Businesses to communicate to employees and customers
  • Trade Shows, Malls and Stores as directories and promotions
  • Doctors and Dentists in waiting areas
  • Menu Boards in Restaurants and Cafes to promote specials
  • Facilitate Wayfinding in large buildings



Engage and reward your customers by offering a heightened experience that will separate your venue from the masses. Content leveraged properly via Dynamic Digital Signage can enhance retail sales by presenting instant social rewards, check ins, upcoming products, shopping contests, and the ability to ‘take the screen’ with you.

  • Increase sales directly at the Point of Influence
  • Engage customers via their smartphone with instant rewards and promotions
  • Offer immediate ‘buzz-back’ to all those that interact with your customized messaging
  • Data is captured of all those that interact, building your future marketing reach
  • Easily push instant promotions to the screen


Caliber Digital Content makes it easy to communicate throughout your company, including industry news, facility hours, company announcements, holiday information, interactive polling and voting, and more!

  • Inform Employees of Important Dates
  • Display Motivational Messages and Company Accolades
  • Display Important Company Information and Videos
  • General and Hyper-Local Social Accounts
  • Manage Content via a Secure Login
  • Communicate Policy and Benefits Change Plans


Caliber’s interactive digital content brings a new level of connectivity to your live events by allowing you to communicate directly with your audience. By streaming live social media feeds such as Twitter, Facebook, and Flicker, we extend the reach of your event exponentially and deliver the highest level of audience engagement.


By using variations of Digital Signage, healthcare providers can communicate key information to patients and reduce wait times, provide education to the patient and even stimulate sales of additional services.

  • Digital Signage in wait areas
  • Directories and Wayfinding Systems
  • Patient registration
  • News feeds, internet access, traffic reports for patients
  • Staff training and continuing education on patient procedures