Using Dibond for Exterior Signs in Irvine CA
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XOStem Brands with Monument Sign Refurbish Using Durable Dibond for an Eye-Catching Sign in Irvine CA!

You find California’s office of XOStem at 17252 Armstrong Avenue. This firm is in the business of bioscience devices and a thought leader in stem cell technology. Recently, the company decided to refresh the look of its monument sign that greets visitors to the office. This was when the management team contacted our experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging to discuss a Dibond monument sign refurbish in Irvine, CA.

Dibond Creates the Visual Appeal the Client Looked For

Dibond Monument Signs in Irvine CA

Although the firm’s management team had a goal of adding a contemporary twist to its monument sign, there was the need to discuss options. The primary objective was the creation of an eye-catching finish with a material that would allow for superior exterior durability. We suggested the use of Dibond.

What Is Dibond and How is it Used in Signage

Dibond is an aluminum composite material that consists of two sheets of aluminum, which enclose a polyethylene core. Each aluminum sheet is .012″ thick. As a result, Dibond is much lighter – and less expensive – than solid aluminum. Besides that, the material lends itself to creating additional dimension through routing. Even so, it is possible to imprint it.

The client was sold on this material! Our technicians moved forward with a product that measured 3/16″ in-depth and featured an attractive brushed aluminum facing. We cut out the style elements and then mounted them with Gem-Pad style standoff hardware. The resulting presentation is visually stunning, contemporary, and perfectly encapsulates the firm’s brand.

Are You Thinking of Investing in Dibond Monument Sign Refurbish in Irvine, CA?

Monument Sign Refurbish in Irvine CA

The monument sign is the first brand indicator that greets prospective customers. It welcomes visitors to your location and those who want to do business with you. Therefore, it is essential that this sign perfectly encapsulates your brand message.

Using Dibond for Exterior Signs in Irvine CA

For many clients, the monument sign begins a brand conversation with the consumer. It tells the shopper what to expect from the company. By shaping the expectations, it also entices plenty of consumers to make an impulse stop or find out more about the business online. As a result, the monument can be one of the essential signage products you currently feature on your property.

Best Types of Monument Signs in Irvine CA

We have already discussed the merits of Dibond. It weathers well, is durable, and looks fantastic in virtually any setting. Most importantly, you get to choose how you want the material to look. Take a page from the playbook of XOStem, and select dimensional letters. In the alternative, opt for a routed sign that will add a different three-dimensional look to your product.

Discussing Your Signage Setup with Experts in the Field

Monument Sign Refurbishing in Irvine CA

Of course, Dibond is only one choice. Other clients have had excellent success with refurbishing existing monuments by using acrylic lettering instead. With a high-gloss finish, this material can add plenty of pizzazz to your location.

If you are unsure which direction to go with your next signage project, reach out to the specialists at Caliber Signs & Imaging. We are a full-service sign shop that gladly guides you through the process of finding the exact signage presentation you are looking for. Come to our showroom at 17981 Sky Park Circle in Irvine or call us at (949) 748-1070 or click below for a free estimate!