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Why Use Vinyl Lettering On Company Vehicles In Irvine CA?

Since it offers entrepreneurs and fleet managers the best advertising for their dollar, vinyl lettering in Irvine, CA has grown in popularity. You reach more people at a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than TV, newspaper, or radio ads when you turn your company vehicles into billboards on wheels. Plus, vehicle lettering provides the visual appeal that today’s consumers are attracted to. Read on to learn about why vinyl lettering is right for your work vehicles.



Contractors do most of their work in the places of business or homes of their customers. Everyone working in the contractor trade travels to job sites. This includes handymen, heating and air conditioning professionals, electricians, and plumbers. When you arrive in a plain truck or van, you do not build your brand awareness or name recognition. They just come to know you as the “electrician.” And, they can’t remember your name when their neighbors or family are looking for a reference. You will be noticeable to neighbors and memorable to your customers when you install vehicle lettering.



Truck lettering is a must if you offer a courtesy shuttle at your hotel, car rental business, auto dealership, or any other company. When you equip your vans with lettering and spot graphics, you show to potential clients that you take care of your customers. This also gets your marketing message in front of your target demographic. For example, as you drop guests off and pick them up at the airport, your hotel courtesy van reaches people who like to travel often.



Do your regular customers know about the catering services your restaurant offers? Sure, you can put a little ad at the end of your menu, but if you really want consumers to associate your eatery with catering for a party or banquet, you need your delivery car or van to bear your logo and name as it travels around Irvine. You can also advertise your cuisine and popular dishes using vehicle vinyl lettering in Irvine, CA.

Vehicle lettering is also ideal for food trucks that need to distinguish themselves from the competition when they are parked in a group. Truck lettering publicizes your menu items and how much they cost. You can start to generate name recognition when you leave plenty of room for your business’s name and logo. This is crucial if you want hungry foodies to look for you and base their dining decisions on whether your truck is present or not.

There are plenty of other reasons to add lettering, even if you use your personal vehicle for work. For example, if you travel around teaching cooking classes, you could benefit from a lettered car. You will expose students and teachers alike to your branding. You generate buzz, boost brand awareness, and build goodwill when you show up with vinyl lettering.

This is just a sampling of what is possible. Caliber Signs & Imaging has a team of professionals that will capture your corporate typefaces, logo, and colors perfectly to further your branding efforts. Contact us today for a free quote.