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Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer Stands with Branded Logos in Orange County CA

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Caliber Signs & Imaging is at the forefront of assisting OC businesses with reopening as the state meets COVID-19 goals. Part of this commitment is looking out for the safety of your staff members as well as your customers. For example, would you know where to buy hand sanitizer stands in Orange County, CA?

Caliber Signs & Imaging Offers Branded Hand Sanitizer Stands

Hand Sanitizer Stands in Orange County CA


Could you buy these stands on the Internet? Sure! However, can you really wait four to five weeks for them to arrive? Time is of the essence as you take the steps necessary to reopen (and keep open) your business.

Many customers are still a little worried about going out in public and spending time in crowds. Even with social distancing, some worry about shopping in stores and touching products with their hands. Placing one or more hands-free sanitizer stands around your venue could make the difference between having a customer become a shopper or heading for another business that makes them feel safer.

What Sets Our Stands Apart?

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  • Affordable. The 74-inch stand is $649. The 64.75-inch stand is $425.
  • Quick delivery. We have secured a large shipment of hand sanitizer stands. This means that our turnaround time – including customization of the signage portion – only takes about five days.
  • Long-lasting. Small hand sanitizer bottles typically do not cut it in a commercial environment. They run out before lunch. These 1,000-ml sanitizer dispensers get you through the workday and beyond.
  • Customization. A silver poster frame features a protective lens. Behind it, we can create one or more graphics that you can easily change out as necessary. Feature your brand details, provide instructions for use, and greet customers as they return to you.
  • Sturdy. Sanitizer stands are made to last. They are not just something that takes you through the first month after reopening. Rather, these stands consist of durable aluminum posts with heavy steel bases. These will be around for years.
  • Safe. Our sanitizer stands are safe for use, even in an environment with young children. The domed steel base prevents the products from tipping over. Because the customized signage portion is at the top, it is typically out of the reach of younger kids. Most importantly, the battery-operated gel dispenser makes it unnecessary for children and adults to touch the appliance.

Who Should Buy Hand Sanitizer Stands in Orange County, CA?

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If you run a business and hope to welcome back your customers – and attract new ones – you should consider the investment in this technology. BusinessWire recently published a study that shows it may require some efforts on the parts of companies to signal they take safety and health precautions seriously.

As outlined by the publication, only 33% of respondents felt saving going back to malls and related stores. Only 43% felt safe about shopping at small businesses. So far, grocery stores are perceived as being the safest locations, but only with a 50% vote.

Caliber Signs & Imaging serves the business communities in and around Irvine, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Dana Point, Anaheim and Riverside, CA. Contact us today to discuss your hand sanitizer stand order!

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