Address Numbers for Buildings in Orange County CA

California’s building code requires building numbers to be placed on new and existing structures. They have to be visible and legible from the street. Moreover, the numbers have to contrast with the background and be at least four inches tall. Our sign shop specializes in designing, fabricating, and installing building sign numbers in Orange County, CA.

Advantages of Clearly Visible Numbers for Emergency Personnel and Consumers

building sign numbers in Orange County CA

Your letter carrier may know where you are, but first responders do not. Being able to find your location in an emergency is critical. Of course, there are other reasons why business owners might be searching for easy-to-see numbers. Your customers are looking for you!

Selecting Building Sign Numbers

Building Address Numbers in Orange County CA

Our technicians typically design the numerals in block style. Moreover, they will opt for a size that matches the façade’s architectural elements and viewing distance from the street. Depending on the building tone, the contrasting color may be one of the tones from your corporate palette.

Materials vary. Aluminum is a favorite because it allows for the construction of a numeral that mimics the design of a channel letter. In this way, we can maintain a nod to your font without compromising the great looks of the number. Besides, if you already have a building sign consisting of channel letters, this type of building number fits right in.

Numbers that our specialists construct in this way can be illuminated from within by using LEDs. We can put them on a timer, just as we do for your channel letters.

Saving Money on Building Numbers

Address Numbers for Buildings in Orange County CA

If you are not a big fan of channel letters or want to save money, we recommend a production using outdoor-rated sign foam. Technicians will add a painted aluminum face. The advantage of the material is the ability to create numerals measuring up to three inches in depth. While the lifespan of the foam is shorter than aluminum framing, the cost is also lower.

By the way, if you operate warehouses and similar large structures, it is typical to include logos of the building owner’s business for brand identification. When you choose façade numbers, we will gladly also handle this aspect of your corporate persona’s identification.

Other Building Number Choices

Building Address Numbers in Irvine CA

If these options for building sign numbers in Orange County, CA, do not work for your specific venue, we offer other options. A case in point is the integration of a building number with a lightbox cabinet. We can accommodate you when illumination is crucial, but you prefer the great look of a stylish cabinet to the separating features of channel letters.

Some clients have had excellent success with featuring building sign numbers vertically rather than horizontally. Choosing this style is another perfect way of setting yourself apart from neighboring businesses. And, because this type of presentation is more unusual, it might make your building a landmark for giving directions, which is a good solution in keeping with your goal of building brand awareness.

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