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What Types Of Wall Signs Are Available For My Irvine Offices?

Caliber-Signs-Irvine-Wall-Signs-1Once you have clients and other guests inside of your office, what is the best way to project your brand? You can try having an array of brochures and leaflets on hand. However, wall signs have an even more pronounced effect. There are several types of office wall signs for Irvine, CA office managers and building owners to pick from. Here are some of the options we get the most requests for:


Guests must be able to find their way around your office building. Once you have grown accustomed to the room designations and layout of your lobby, it is easy to forget how it appears to someone visiting for the first time. A receptionist near the entrance is a good way to show people the way, but he may not always be available or some buildings simply may not have a receptionist. Plus, this person’s time is often consumed by incoming phone calls and other tasks. With wayfinding signage, a busy receptionist will not stall a client trying to make their way around your building.



Your reception area is often the first impression any customer will have of your office building. What is this space saying about your company? Does it accurately present your organization’s culture and brand? The lobby sign is an integral part of your lobby’s décor. This makes it one of the most important marketing materials you can buy. When you call Caliber Signs & Imaging, you get plenty of materials to pick from, such as PVC, metal laminates, high-density urethane, acrylics, aluminum, and more. Wood, stone, and glass are also available.



Directories list the names and suite numbers of the offices in a building. They are typically situated near stairwells and elevators. Sometimes they are in numerical or alphabetical order. Tenants may decide to add directories within specific suites to pinpoint where various rooms are. It is a smart idea to use similar fonts and materials for directories as you do for other markers to keep your branding consistent.



More organizations are discovering the utility of wall graphics for their building interior. Vinyl wall murals are designed and personalized to meet the needs of your enterprise. They are simple to fabricate and quick to install whether you would like to set the mood of your space with the use of graphics or you envision artwork that includes your company logo and name. Without interfering with your customers or workers, we can install amazing wall murals to a range of areas in your facility.



Suite signs are an excellent way to tie together the signage system of your building. We can work with your property management company to ensure your suite signs comply with your lease. If you are in a multi-tenant building, you can boost your branding and name recognition by standing out from the crowd.

These are just some of the solutions we offer. If you would like recommendations for signs for office walls in Irvine, CA that are specifically tailored to your organization, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free quote.