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What Types Of Lighted Signs Are Available In Irvine CA?

what-types-of-lighted-signs-are-available-in-irvine-caIf your building is usually in use at night, there are numerous factors you need to take into consideration as a property manager. You need to protect the safety of guests and employees alike by ensuring that the parking lot is well lit. Visitors also need to be able to find your building after dark. Lighted signs are the best way to do this. Thankfully, Caliber Signs & Imaging is your premier supplier of lighted signs for Irvine, CA. Here are the options we get the most requests for:


Channel letters are one of the most popular lighted signage alternatives. They are often found on commercial offices, retail establishments, and industrial buildings. This is because they are inexpensive, versatile, and effective. We can mount channel letters to your building using a raceway or install them individually. Since it involves less drilling into the façade of your building, many building owners prefer what-types-of-lighted-signs-are-available-in-irvine-ca2businesses use raceways. From halo-lit to open face, there are many different channel letter signs to pick from.


It might be time for you to consider lightbox cabinets if guests keep saying they are having trouble finding your building or if your enterprise just blends in with the other facilities nearby. High-quality extruded aluminum is usually used to make cabinet signs. Durable paint with a powder coating is added to protect the cabinets from whatever the environment can throw at it. The use of plastic and acrylic push-through elements give lightbox cabinet signs their signature look. They also have vacuum formed faces for extra strength.



Monument signs are one of the most distinguished signage options you can pick. They are typically installed near the entrance to your parking lot and are large enough so that motorists can see where you are located with enough time to turn without having to slam on the brakes. Monument signs with cabinets are a perfect way to be seen at night. You can often find these markers with reader boards that feature a message you manually change out or LED message boards.


what-types-of-lighted-signs-are-available-in-irvine-ca4Pylon signs are similar to monuments with cabinets, only they are installed on top of pylons so people can find your business from great distances. This is ideal if your organization is located in a crowded commercial area or near a freeway. We use an array of materials to construct the pylon. All of the materials we use are designed to last for many years to come.



Though we recommend LED lighting for most of our signs, neon is still quite popular because of the warm glow it produces. Neon was once the illumination option of choice for lighted signs, especially since it never gets cold enough in Irvine to produce the dimming effect these signs are prone to have in low temperatures. LED lights can come close to mimicking the look of neon, but they are not quite there yet. We can produce neon signs for your enterprise if you want that old-fashioned, eye-catching look.

These are just some of the types of exterior lighted signs for Irvine, CA. For solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of your organizations, contact the friendly professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation.