Non profit donor boards in Orange County CA

Ways to Use Non-Profit Donor Boards in Your Lobby in Orange County CA

Caliber Signs & Imaging recently had the opportunity to put together non-profit donor boards in Orange County, CA. The client was the Camino Health Center, which opened its San Clemente office at 1300 Avenida Vista Hermosa in Suite 250. This health care provider is affiliated with Mission Hospital.

Donors Play an Integral Role in Health Care

Non profit donor boards in Orange County CA

Camino’s new San Clemente Health Center is in part due to the generous donations of those who raised funds and contributed to the vision of providing affordable health care. Before the facility opened, employees had the opportunity to visit the location and write their messages of encouragement on the foundational walls.

However, to recognize the donors who made this venue a reality, the client proposed displaying a stylish donor panel. It is an acrylic panel that features a digital print second surface as a backdrop. This image shows platinum, diamond, gold, and silver donor categories. We then mounted the product to the wavy wall with brushed aluminum standoffs.

Creating the Atmosphere of Dignity in Health Care

Non Profit Posters in Orange County CA

Our shop also designed and fabricated posters for extra décor. The goal was to match the frame style of the donor sign, which is the main attraction. However, their ability to have a product that balances the look is always a good idea. It is important to note that recognizing donors is something that should always display understated elegance. In this way, you maintain the focus on the mission rather than the finances.

Which Donor Boards are Right for You?

Donor Board Signs for Lobbies in Orange County CA

Sponsorship wall signs can take any number of presentations.

  • 3D letters on a reception desk. Because you do not want to confuse visitors to your location, keeping the leading donor’s information off the focal wall is a good idea. At the same time, having it facing in the same direction will allow for effective co-branding. If you have a large reception desk or counter, consider featuring the donor’s information with three-dimensional letters on the front. We previously had the opportunity to go this route at WHW, and it creates an engaging display.
  • Individual lobby panels. Your biggest donors could benefit from acrylic panels dedicated to their companies, color palettes, and a brief synopsis of their business models. It is a brand-building opportunity that recognizes the ties you have to the community. Acrylic panels could take the shape of a standard panel per donor, or two to three donors per 8.5-inch by 11-inch board.
  • Metal plaques. A high-end metal plaque is cast or etched. Frequently, this is a display you reserve for a founding member of the organization. Another option is displaying an aluminum board that we imprint with the donor’s name and company information. Install it to the wall or place it over an entrance leading to a specific facility area they donated to.

Caliber Signs & Imaging Specializes in Designing, Producing, and Installing Non-Profit Donor Boards in Orange County, CA

Which display is right for you? What size do you need for your space? Are you looking for a panel display that maybe has some artistic style elements as part of it? We can help. Our team works with Orange County businesses and non-profits, including those in Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Orange, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach, CA. Call us today at 949-748-1070!

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