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wall-wrap-advertising-in-hotelsThere is often a great deal of misunderstanding about advertising. People often consider advertising to be the same as marketing, and it’s not. Very simply put, advertising is a form of communication used to encourage, persuade, or move an audience to take or continue to take action. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering.

Marketing is the wide range of activities involved in making sure that you’re continuing to meet the needs of your customers and getting value in return. Marketing also includes ongoing promotions, which can include advertising, public relations, sales and customer service.


Product marketing focuses on physical, tangible products, such as a Starbucks® coffee and H2V® spa products whereas service marketing involves producing and promoting intangible products. Both small-property and large-corporate hotel marketing and advertising staff in the hospitality industry must find new and compelling ways to promote both their tangible and intangible amenities to potential customers.


Your marketing and advertising efforts should promote both the products and services your target customer desire most. Hotel advertising has taken on many different shapes and sizes over the years with everything from neon signs to digital displays. However, the one thing that has remained constant through the evolution of advertising is the need for better marketing and advertising to grab the attention of consumers. What better way to grab the attention of your customers than unmistakable wall graphics livening up your hotel’s lobby, restaurant, gift shop, spa or even the rooms and exterior itself.



Figure 2: Hotel Indigo, San Diego, California

wall wrap is a highly cost effective advertising and branding solution for the hospitality and tourism industry. Utilizing specialty vinyl that is manufactured to adhere to any number of surfaces (including drywall, glass, concrete, brick and cinder block), can transform just about any surface into a high impact marketing medium. Wall graphics are, for lack of a better term, really large graphic decals. Using wall wraps can transform an ordinary hotel room, lobby, gym, conference room, restaurant or interior/exterior hotel wall into an eye-catching display that tells a story, sells your product and/or service and brings your brand to life.





Figure 3: Wall Graphics at a Sports Bar

Wall graphics or “wall wraps” just like car wraps have become the face of many innovative businesses seeking an upper hand in the race to dazzle and capture consumers. Versatility is the key in any medium, and wall graphics provide the very latest in custom designed graphics for nearly any surface. Much like graphic wall paper, a custom wall wrap can be designed in nearly any shape or size utilizing custom graphics, digital photos or a company’s existing logo as source material. Additionally, wall wraps can be positioned indoors as well as outside adding a lively marketing aspect to any interior or exterior area.


Graphic wall wraps provide not only a bright, custom marketing and advertising display, they are also engineered to withstand the elements and last over long periods of time. Wall Wraps are digitally printed on specially engineered vinyl material and laminated with a clear UV rated film designed to resist the sun and other elements, while adding customization and innovation necessary in today’s marketplace.

Figure 4: Fitness Center Wall Graphics

Figure 4: Fitness Center Wall Graphics


Whether you are advertising your hotel’s products and/or services, by adding wall graphics to your marketing and advertising plan, wall wraps will improve the consumers’ image of your hotel as well as their awareness of it. Indoor wall graphics allow a hotel to customize a lobby, restaurant, conference room, gym or spa waiting area and demonstrate a flare for branding where dull walls now exist.

Hotel Wall Wraps Advertising

Figure 5: Concert Advertisement outside the Hard Rock Hotel

Wall graphic wraps have taken their place as the next big thing in hotel advertising. By enabling hotels to customize their lobby’s and exteriors with bright attractive signage without the difficulty in hanging and powering an electronic display, wall graphics are quickly becoming the favored medium in the hospitality industry. Versatility in design and application make them extremely simple to implement and their resistance to sunlight and weather make wall wraps an inviting option to hotels seeking the latest in marketing and advertising. Adding an artistic and welcoming presence to any lobby, restaurant or exterior will make it a more attractive option to potential clientele.


Ultimately, wall murals add the ‘wow’ factor to a space that might go unnoticed otherwise.

Figure 6: Wall Graphics can even be placed on glass

Figure 6: Wall Graphics can even be placed on glass

If you are considering a wall mural by a professional artist, consider custom wall coverings a good alternative – at a lower cost and less time to fabricate. Additionally, the images are photorealistic so to provide a real look and feel.