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 Dimensional letters are always a cost-effective and versatile solution when you need signage for the exterior of your building. Also referred to as raised or 3D letters, dimensional letters help your organization to stand out. This is exactly what VonZipper was looking to do when they contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging for dimensional letter and logo building signs Irvine, CA consumers would remember.



With world headquarters on Waterworks Way in Irvine, VonZipper is a global eyewear and accessories manufacturer with offices on six continents. Founded in 2000, their mission is to design and deliver premium soft goods, eyewear, accessories, and goggles to the alternative mindset through a commitment to the individual and participation in the “sideways subculture.” They have grown immensely thanks to their supreme styles, attention to details, and cutting-edge designs.

When a local business that has such a global reach came to us for dimensional letter building signs in Irvine, CA, we had to help out. VonZipper prides itself on having a state of the art look and a personality that jumps out at you. They wanted their signage to reflect this. We had just the solution.


During our first meeting with VonZipper, we performed a site survey and listened to what they had in mind for the project. Based on their company culture, we figured they needed dimensional letters. We provided them with some mockups of what their new marker could look like. After they approved of our designs, we got down to work.

First of all, in order to get the level of dimensionality VonZipper wanted, we had to use sign foam. Sign foam can be up to four inches thick and can be painted any color. We routed each of the letters along with their logo out of a thick panel of sign foam. We then painted the colors black to match their branding and to contrast with their building. Lastly, we worked with their schedule to install the letters at a time when the drilling into their building wouldn’t cause a disruption. When we were done, the client loved their new, stylish look.


Organizations, companies, and other establishments in any industry can benefit from exterior dimensional letter signs. If you want a distinguished look, this signage can be mounted directly to the outside wall of your facility. Or, they can be mounted to a panel first then installed on your venue, or we are able to incorporate them into your monument sign.

These signs usually do not have their own illumination source. However, if you want to be seen after dark, we can install spotlighting. In addition, sign foam is not the only material we use. Acrylic, aluminum, and PVC are also popular alternatives. Acrylic and aluminum are often used as laminates on sign foam and PVC substrates. There are seemingly endless options.

If you are ready to make a huge first impression with the exterior of your building, contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free estimate on dimensional letters.