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Types Of Lobby Signs For Lake Forest CA

When organizations want one of a kind markers that both invite clients in and help build their brand, they contact Caliber Signs & Imaging for lobby signs in Lake Forest, CA. If you have used the same reception area sign for decades, it is time to update it with a modern appearance. Here are some alternatives that will demonstrate to consumers that you pay attention to detail and keep up with the trends.


Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Wall graphics are taking the signage industry by storm, since they are versatile and affordable. While using a lot of eye catching colors, avant-garde product makers and progressive business insiders like to use wall graphic lobby signs as the centerpiece for their reception area. We guarantee that we can match the corporate colors found on your other marketing materials with these vinyl graphics.



When entrepreneurs want to combine art with functionality, they almost always pick acrylic logo panels for their lobby sign. These panels include alternatives like multi-panel works of art featuring metal or acrylic lettering as well as plain one panel designs with vinyl overlays. We have had customers come to us looking for markers that are a combination of large wall murals with their name and logo incorporated. We have assisted them with this vision using acrylic panels.



Under the right form of lighting, all lobby signs styles will shine. You can turn any focal wall into a piece of art with the contrasting effects produced by edge lighting. Backlit lobby signs make your marker light up while creating an elegant halo effect. Or, we can even discretely install spotlights at the bottom of office plants to cast light on your waiting room sign. For most of our lighting, we use LEDs. LEDs are the smart choice, since their energy efficiency allows you to save on your electric bills, and they last for up to 50,000 hours of continuous use.



3D reception area signs are a great alternative for lobbies with a good focal wall. If you are able to commit to dedicating at least half of a wall to showcasing a three-dimensional image, we can provide you with a lobby sign that really pops! For the logo and letters, we typically use acrylic or various metals. We then further offset the lettering with spacers made of brushed aluminum. When you add smart indoor lighting to the mix, you will be amazed at the finished product.

If you are remodeling your reception area and considering updating your signage as well, talk to our expert sign consultants. We are experienced when it comes to collaborating with remodeling contractors and interior decorators to create lobby signs that harmonize with the new look or that provide a visual counterpoint. It all depends on what you want.

Contact Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free estimate and consultation if you are ready to set your enterprise apart with breathtaking reception area office signs for Lake Forest, CA.