3D Non-lit building Vinyl and Digital Print Sign

Types Of Exterior Building Signs For Orange County CA

 What is the first thing that clients and other visitors see when they look at your building? In all likelihood, it is the sign you have mounted to your facility’s façade. Businesses can build their brand and establish their identity when they have top quality exterior building signs for Orange County, CA. Fortunately, the friendly professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging obtain sign permits, design, manufacture, mount, and maintain all kinds of building signs. Some of the most popular signage solutions include



Thanks to their versatility and sophisticated look, panel signs are a favorite in the region. Since they are inexpensive and long lasting, we typically use aluminum composite panels for the base of these signs. We then produce vinyl graphics with your corporate logo, name, and colors. Next, we adhere the vinyl to the panel with a laminate film to ensure your markers looks great well into the future. By adding HDU or PVC letters, we can also produce a dimensional appearance on panel signs.



Speaking of a dimensional look, all sorts of organizations, businesses, and establishments can benefit from the heavy duty and rugged materials used to create 3D letter signs. Metal, HDU, wood, PVC, or acrylic are generally used to make the letters. HDU is an excellent choice since it can achieve a thickness of up to four inches and can be covered by metal or acrylic laminate. In addition, the markers can be installed with spacers for an added dimensional appearance. We will even install spotlighting to make your letters visible at night.



If you need affordable signs, you have trouble blending in with your neighbors, or clients have a difficult time finding you after dark, you may need cabinet signs, or lightbox cabinets. You may be familiar with seeing these mounted on poles along roadsides. However, cabinet signs can also be installed directly on your building. These markers have a weatherproof aluminum housing and plastic or acrylic push-through faces. A powder coating and car grade paint are used to keep the sign looking great in the Orange County sun.



You will find illuminated channel letter signs in just about any urban setting at night. Whether you run an industrial or commercial office building, operate a downtown retail store, or are situated in a strip mall or retail shopping center, these signs grab attention at a price that will not break the bank. They are usually made with acrylic faces and aluminum housing and shaped to whatever typeface you want. Energy efficient, eco-friendly LED lighting is incorporated.

If you need exterior building signs for Orange County, CA, Caliber Signs & Imaging has you covered. We listen closely to your vision when you first call us. We then perform a site survey and take measurements at your venue. Then, based on your goals and budget, we make our recommendations. Once you approve of the proofs, we manufacture and mount your new sign at a time that works best for your business.

Contact us today for a free estimate if you are ready to make your organization stand out!