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Types Of Channel Letter Signs In Orange County CA

One of the most budget-friendly ways to catch the eyes of consumers while advertising your organization is channel letters. Fortunately, Caliber Signs & Imaging is your top sign shop for fabricating, mounting, and designing channel letter signs in Orange County, CA. We provide a wide array of options that are sure to make your enterprise stand out. We will take a closer look at some of the most requested solutions today.


There are several different styles of channel letter signs. These are the most popular ones:


Front Lit Channel Letters – These markers are a favorite among business owners in Orange County. We create frames in the shape of your corporate typeface by routing high gauge aluminum and producing smoothly welded edges and deep returns. Since it is sturdy and resistant to rust, we use aluminum for all of our channel letter signs. Front lit letters also have acrylic faces of any color and LED lighting.


Open Face Channel Letters – The lighting elements of these letters are not actually exposed to the elements, though they appear to be. This illusion is created by the clear acrylic faces the letters have. This allows passersby to see the lighting inside which creates a sophisticated look at night.


Front/Back Lit Channel Letters – As you may have gathered from the name, lights are used to illuminate these channel letter signs from the front and back.


Reverse Channel Letters – Commonly referred to as halo lit channel letters, these signs have an open back through which light shines onto the wall they are mounted to. This produces a distinguished halo effect. The actual letter is made entirely of aluminum.


Channel letters used to rely primarily on neon tubing for their illumination. These lighting elements produce different lights by using a range of different minerals and gasses. However, there are several downsides to neon. For example, when it is cold outside, neon lights grow dim. In addition, neon tubes require frequent repairs and maintenance, and there are more energy efficient options available.

We prefer to use LEDs in most of our channel letter signs these days. They are quickly supplanting neon as the illumination option of choice because they offer quality lighting in any atmosphere. They also can last for up to ten years of continuous use and are energy efficient. This will save you on maintenance and energy costs.

Non-illuminated channel letters may be preferable in some circumstances. We can supply you with these markers as well.


We can mount channel letter signs directly to the façade of your venue, or they can be mounted on a raceway first then installed. When you want to keep the amount of drilling into the exterior of your building to a minimum, we recommend raceways. On the other hand, you get a cleaner look with direct-mounted letters.

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