40 Foot Monument Sign in Fontana CA

The Beginnings of a Monument Sign on I-10 Paves the Way for a Warehouse District in the City of Fontana – Part One

Fontana is known as the “City of Action.” Already a hub for the trucking industry that takes advantage of the local stretches of I-10 and I-15, it is now quickly becoming home to a sizable warehouse district. Caliber Signs & Imaging became part of the project when it was determined that there was a need for a large monument sign on the I-10 freeway for the City of Fontana.

The Design Process

40 Foot Monument Sign in Fontana CABackground to the Fontana Warehouse District Project

The Survey Process:

Surveying a site for a 40 foot monument sign in Fontana CA

Fontana is noticing an upswing in its economy due to the boost in the number of warehouses. Some of the most notable projects are the Seefried Valley and Catawba Warehouse development and the Tamarind Warehouse Distribution expansion. The first setting is to the north of the I-10, making it a primary road of approach. The original challenge was to determine how high the monument should be for optimum visibility to freeway traffic. After several flag tests, this was determined to be 40 Therefore, it made sense to place the planned monument sign near that freeway.

When digging such a deep hole, it is necessary before breaking ground, to conduct a ‘Dig Alert’ to ascertain if there are any water, gas, or electrical lines in the immediate vicinity. The goal of course is to avoid them with a good amount of clearance, otherwise, the sign location would need to be moved. Also important to identify are petroleum lines. The Dig Alert found a nitrogen gas line within 4’ of the hole during the survey. With this limitation in mind, it was time to conduct several flag tests. Finally, the determination was that 40 feet in height would be the target height.

With this information in hand, the Caliber Signs & Imaging graphic artist went to work and designed the large sign’s look and style.

How a Large Monument Sign That Benefits the City and the Budding Warehouse District Came to Be

The Fabrication Process

Monument Sign Fabrication in Fontana CA

40 Foot Monument Sign Fabrication in San Bernardino County CA

Fabricating a 40 foot monument sign in Fontana CA

The sign is intended to be a key marker for traffic traveling eastbound on the I-10 and entering Fontana. Our client negotiated the specs for the project with the city as part of the warehouse construction land use. As a result, this sign will sit at a location that is 200 feet from the center point of the freeway.

Inside the 40 foot Monument Sign in Fontana CA

A significant consideration that sparked debate was the height of the monument. On the one hand, it had to provide optimal visibility for traffic on the freeway. On the other, there was the plan that the warehouse’s height would not exceed 50 feet.

A Sneak Peek at the Planned Monument sign for the City of Fontana

Routed Monument Signs for Channel Letters in Fontana CA

Push Through Channel Letters for Monument Signs in Fontana CA

  • Shape. The shape of the sign will be that of a sail. Not only is this an aesthetically stunning presentation, but it also allows for the construction to factor in the high winds for which the area is known.
  • Color. We will represent the city’s name and fountain logo in a custom-matched color palette that will allow the product to fit in with other signage products in and around the area. For the welcome message, the color choice will be white.
  • Production. We selected a presentation with reverse channel letters. The goal was a dimensional display that allows the city’s name to impress with graphics to underscore its slender lettering style.

We were sure to match some of the architectural elements that you see in the surrounding buildings.

Beginnings of a large monument sign on I 10 freeway for the City of Fontana

What is Next for the Large Monument Sign on the I-10 Freeway for the City of Fontana?

Installing a Pole for a 40 foot monument signLarge monument sign on I 10 freeway for the City of FontanaAt this point, we have put together a square tube frame featuring aluminum with a 0.090” thickness. A center pole supports the structure above ground by connecting it to the footer that reaches 19 feet below the soil. By cementing it in place with 240 cubic feet of concrete, this sign is designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 130 miles per hour.

Onlookers driving past the project site marveled at the massive pole that seemed to come from a huge hole in the ground. Moreover, it took a 40-ton crane to hoist it in place and keep it perfectly level.

Are you interested in seeing how Caliber Signs & Imaging finished this massive project? Come back next week for part two!

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