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Stud Mounted Lobby Signs An Attractive Choice!

What is the best way to build your brand while letting customers know they have found the right place? If you guessed lobby signs, come collect your gold star. Lobby signs, also called reception area signs, waiting room signs, or office signs, are often displayed near the entrance of an organization’s suite or building. They are used to display the businesses logo and name. There are several varieties, but today we are going to talk about one of our bestselling alternatives: stud mounted lobby signs for Irvine, CA.



Dimensional letter signs are the most common type of stud mounted lobby sign we produce. As the name suggests, these letters have depth and are made from a solid material. This is opposed to flat cut signs or vinyl, which are distinctly two-dimensional. We often recommend dimensional letters because they are professional in appearance, are versatile enough to represent whatever image you wish to project to visiting prospects and clients, and they offer depth and body to a sign.

By stud mounting dimensional letters off the wall utilizing spacers, we are able to create even more depth for dimensional letters. The two main types of materials we use for the letters are acrylic and aluminum.

In its raw state, acrylic is glossy and shiny. Take a moment to look at the Sampling International sign to see what we are talking about. You will notice that we precisely captured the existing branding for their enterprise by painting the letters to match the colors found on their other marketing materials.

For a high end appearance, aluminum is the way to go. As you can see with the Ekedal Concrete sign, these markers have a more satin presentation and a classy type of finish with the brushed grain of the letter faces. With both signs, you will notice that we were able to capture the unique typefaces of each of the companies.



Both of these markers would look great without further embellishment, but at Caliber Signs & Imaging, we like to go the extra mile to make your signage look AMAZING. To create an elegant shadow effect that simulates the letters floating off the wall, we stud mounted both of the signs half an inch off the wall.

You may have gathered from the pictures that we can stud mount on just about any surface. The Ekedal sign is installed on a flat, smooth wall. This is most often the case. However, we are experts when it comes to other surfaces as well, such as the sheet rock surface of the Sampling sign. This involves a lot of drilling, but with patience and skill, every letter can be evenly spaced off the wall to produce the signature floating effect.

All that drilling will disrupt business, right? Nope! We can work around your schedule to ensure as little disruption as possible. If you are ready to wow potential clients with stud mounted lobby signs for Orange County, contact the friendly professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging for a free consultation today!