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Storefront Window Advertising For Franchises Boosts Sales

 One of the biggest reasons many franchisees fail is that they believe that they are just in the business of creating a specific item or providing a certain service. What they do not realize is that their success hinges on their marketing abilities. Most franchises that know what they are doing devote a good portion of their sizable marketing budget to distinguishing their brand in a highly competitive industry, whether it is auto repair, food service, or newer options, like wellness or education.


A company may have a monument sign, building sign, space on a marquee, or a blade sign, but the windows are often left bare. Recently, Brain Balance recognized that they were underutilizing this marketing space, so they contacted the friendly experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging for franchise window graphics Orange County would notice.


Brain Balance Achievement Centers was started in 2006 by Dr. Robert Melillo, who had noticed that there was an increase in children with behavioral and learning issues visiting his practice. He decided he wanted to do something about it. So, for fifteen years, he refined a drug-free, highly effective program to counter the rapid rise of ASD, ADHD, learning disabilities, and other similar developmental disorders. Today, it is a rapidly growing franchise company with a location on El Toro Road in Lake Forest.


When a business that is providing such a valuable service to the community came to us for franchise window advertising Orange County would remember, we were more than happy to help. Brain Balance had a nice location with plenty of window space, and they wanted to put it to work for them.


We recommended images of people and bright colors to draw attention. Fortunately, Brain Balance’s corporate branding already incorporated bright coloring, so it was easy to keep the branding consistent. One-way perforated vinyl was used. This is perfect for windows, since it is half vinyl and half holes. This allows for a highly visible image on the exterior of the venue, while still allowing natural light into the center.

Solid vinyl is also a smart choice. If you still want to be able to see outside, numbers, text, and limited images and designs are a great option. As you can see, we produced vinyl lettering for Brain Balance that lists the issues their services resolve or improve. Plus, we included the slogan “Unlock your child’s potential.” In the end, we had another satisfied customer!



If your franchise location has bare windows, you are missing an excellent marketing opportunity. Fortunately, when you contact Caliber Signs & Imaging, we can work with your budget to turn your windows into advertising powerhouses. Plus, we have experience incorporating your franchise’s colors and logo to keep the branding consistent.

If you are ready to set your business apart from your competitors, contact the pros at Caliber for a free consultation and quote on vinyl window graphics for your franchise.