Sponsorship wall signs in Orange County CA

Sponsorship, Donor, and Dedication Wall Signs in Orange County CA!

Emphasizing the ties your organization has developed within the local community is instrumental for continued support. Charities, volunteer organizations, and groups that rely on fundraising for many activities and projects need these ties. In return, consider giving your sponsors some recognition with chic donor and dedication wall signs in Orange County, CA.

Companies Support Organizations as Extensions of Their Brand Messages

Sponsorship wall signs and posters Orange County CA

For example, pet food manufacturers and retailers seek out local animal rescue organizations to support them. It is a perfect brand alignment, which makes sense. In return, your organization highlights the support you have been getting. There are several ways to do so within a lobby setting.

Donor wall signs in Irvine and Orange County CA

Wall panel. If someone helped you pay for the items that make up your lobby, reception area, or waiting room, let visitors know. An imprinted brushed aluminum panel sign is attractive, budget-friendly, and excellent for featuring a sponsorship message.

Sponsorship wall signs in Orange County CA

Desk lettering. For the location with a reception area desk, consider using its front for thanking sponsors. Three-dimensional letters make a great impression and allow for the brand-centric display of a sponsor’s name and logo. Another option is the installation of imprinted vinyl overlays.

Acrylic panel sponsorship plaques in Orange County CA


Sponsor board. If you are currently working with several sponsors, we recommend featuring their details on an acrylic panel. Using metal laminates, the space allows for separated features. They look professional and are ideally suited for honoring members of the local business community.

Appreciating Private Donors is Just as Important

Donor and Dedication Wall Signs in Orange County CA

Another staple of non-profit support is the individual donor. This is the person who believes in what you are doing. Some come and volunteer at your events. Others are members and pay monthly dues. In the case of churches, synagogues, and mosques, there is a good chance that you have the support of multiple generations from one family.

In Memory Of Dedication Wall Signs in Orange County CA

Show your appreciation for these individuals to encourage others to step forward. Moreover, it feels good for an individual donor to be recognized. Some of the most popular displays include memorial donation plaques. Families have an opportunity to donate in the memory of a loved one. Recognize this donation with a tastefully done clear acrylic plaque that we imprint with the name and a short message.

We mount them with brushed aluminum standoffs that add pizzazz to the space you allocate for the display. Churches typically place them in foyers, whereas other organizations may feature these plaques in hallways or lobbies.

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Which display idea is suitable for your organization? Moreover, how much space do you want to allot to donor recognition? Do you prefer the signage to focus on contemporary elegance, or do you want it to be more of an expression of your brand? Our team will gladly help you think through these details.

By the way, we can also help you with the design of the more unusual sponsorship signs. They include metal plaques for buildings, engraved metal panels for museums, and individual room signs that honor people or companies. Contact us today to explore the best ways for your group to thank its supporters!

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