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South St. Plaza Shopping Center Benefits from Illuminated Sign Refurbishment in Lakewood CA

The property manager of the South Street Plaza Shopping Center, HCC Real Estate, knew their shopping center signs were outdated. The location’s highly visible pylon signs had aged. Formerly bold colors were faded. In addition, most of the lettering was peeling. A second sign was missing parts. In short, the products were showing their age. Our shop worked with this client on an illuminated sign refurbishment in Lakewood, CA, that would restore the venue’s great look and customer appeal.

Effective Pylon Sign Refurbishing

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A look at the main shopping center pylon sign before the refurbishment.

During the last building boom, shopping centers sprang up, and with them came the associated signage. However, this was a while ago, and, like so many other older signs, these products are now in desperate need of some updating and targeted replacement. For example, one of the signs had a broken frame, which our specialists would address.

Illuminated sign refurbishment in Lakewood CA

After the refurbishment, this shopping plaza is hard to miss!

After collaborating with the client on the sign’s new look, our technicians got to work on renovating these pylon signs!

  • Name change. The main sign’s center column needed to reflect a name change. After repainting the structure, which included the cabinet frame, we added the lettering.
  • LED retrofit. The signs still had the original fluorescent lighting setups. Our technicians retrofitted the structures to feature LEDs. These lights would provide brighter illumination while significantly reducing the operating costs of the pylons.
  • Bollard installation. Accidents happen. Some cars had backed into the sign or pulled forward too much. The client requested that we protect their investment in the product by installing bright yellow bollards around the main structure. By the way, the addition of yellow bollards is another tool for catching the attention of motorists.
  • Tenant panel replacement. Each tenant panel needed to be replaced. We cut acrylic panels into the appropriate shapes and added updated tenant logos with colorful translucent vinyl. In this way, each business brands with its unique color palette and font presentation.
  • Pole cover. For the secondary pole sign, we added a pole cover. It gives the product a contemporary appearance that mimics the main sign.
  • Frame repair. For the secondary sign, we also repaired the frame. It took some welding to do so. Afterward, we painted the structure to match the central pylon.

Significant Marketing and Brand Building Impact

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A look at the second pylon/cabinet sign before refurbishment.

This shopping center sits on Lakewood Boulevard, which is one of the busiest thoroughfares in the area. Moreover, it is near an intersection, which significantly boosts the visibility of the location. Therefore, it was critical for the venue’s management company as well as their tenants to have a sign that is in keeping with the contemporary vibe of the city and its businesses.

Is It Time for Your Business to Invest in an Illuminated Sign Refurbishment in Lakewood, CA?

Sign Refurbishment for Shopping Plazas in Los Angeles County CA

After the renovation, tenants are easier to find!

Do not be left behind as other management companies are boosting the visibility of their properties. Moreover, it is time to stop paying the high operating costs that fluorescent bulbs demand. Our shop routinely works with management companies and individual business owners to design, redesign, and refurbish pylons and monument signs.

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