Refurbished Cabinet Signs in Orange County CA
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Refurbished and Custom Illuminated Retail Store Signs in Orange County CA Are a Popular Choice!

Local business owners understand that illuminated retail store signs in Orange County, CA, are a necessity. Nothing drives traffic to stores, restaurants, and service businesses as easily and quickly as lighted signage. However, did you know that you have several options open to you?

Should You Replace or Refurbish an Existing Sign?


At Caliber Signs & Imaging, we are all about saving our clients money. If you have a good-quality box cabinet on your site, there is no point in replacing it with another one. In this scenario, we might recommend refurbishing the product.

Illuminated Retail Store Signs in Orange County CA

It is a quick and comprehensive do-over for the product. We typically begin by inspecting the sign for code adherence. Next, we ensure that it has plenty of useful life left in it. When this is the case, we make any minor repairs, fabricate a new front, and freshen the product with a new coat of paint.

Conversely, we tell you upfront if the sign is in bad shape. If it is more expensive to refurbish the item than replace it, we show you. In this way, you always have the final decision when it comes to spending your advertising money.

Lightbox Cabinets, Channel Letters, or a Combination of the Two?

Channel Letters for Retail Stores in Orange County CA

A lightbox cabinet is typically a rectangular sign. It features your company’s name. Channel letters combine the unique designs of your fonts with the colors you have chosen for your corporate persona. They make it easy for the consumer to develop brand awareness at a glance.

Refurbished Cabinet Signs in Orange County CA

However, did you know that many clients choose to combine the two? For example, we might put together a set of channel letters for a company that also wants to display its corporate logo alongside the writing. A box cabinet in the right shape is a must. Sometimes, a client wants us to highlight a niche explanation with the help of a box cabinet.

Combining the two side by side or one on top of the other is a standard method for beginning or continuing a brand conversation with the consumer.

Choosing the Style Elements to Let Your Brand Shine Through

Exterior Signs for Retail Stores in Orange County CA

Colors, fonts, and characters combine to create a unique name presentation. It is on all of your sales collateral. Moreover, you use it on posters and window graphics. Therefore, it makes sense that your building signs should also feature these details.

With the accurate reproduction of colors for day and nighttime displays, it is possible to do so. Our sign shop routinely works with business clients who are looking for creative ways of standing out among the competition. For example, you might consider investing in front-lit channel letters that shine brightly after dark. Conversely, you might pick a product that allows for a halo-lit display.

Ordering Illuminated Retail Store Signs in Orange County, CA

Building Sign Repair in Orange County CA

Caliber Signs & Imaging is your one-stop-shop for all types of lighted building signs. Moreover, we assist you with the permitting process as well.

We do business out of 17981 Sky Park Circle in Irvine, CA. From there, we work with members of the local business communities in and around Irvine, Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Orange, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Newport Beach.

Contact us today to learn more about the signage options that are open to you.

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