Corporate Lobby Logo Signs in Irvine CA

How are you communicating your brand message in the OC? Are you using standard signage solutions? Alternatively, are you featuring wall logos and vinyl lettering in Orange County, CA, in ways that think outside the box? Not surprisingly, the latter approach is very successful. It attracts attention and begins – or continues – a brand conversation in unusual ways.

Vinyl Wraps Bring Your Brand Message to Appliances Consumers Use

Vinyl lettering on coolers in Orange County CA

A case in point is the refrigerator side wrap. It attaches to a product that customers approach to shop for your goods. At the same time, it gives you a chance to feature your brand information. What are the major selling points of the product? What makes it different from a competitor’s merchandise?

We recommend incorporating your brand colors with a display of your corporate identity. At the same time, showcase taglines or talking points that you might take straight from your sales collateral. Best of all, you can have these appliance wraps customized for the sides, fronts, and even backs, if applicable.

Vinyl Lettering Reinforces a Brand Message within Your Venue


Wall Logos and Vinyl Lettering in Orange County CA

Of course, you do not only address consumers who are visiting retailers to buy your products. Sometimes, you are dealing with customers who are inside your office, storefront, or clinic. In these cases, vinyl lettering can be instrumental in combining a proprietary logo with a tag line or other expression of your corporate persona for brand identification.

Vinyl Lettering for Offices in Orange County CA

Much more than merely identifying your brand display, these presentations assist with beginning or continuing a brand conversation. For example, in a clinic, the combination of a tag line (or jingle) and color play reinforces your brand message. It reassures nervous patients. What is more, it encourages them to stay the course and continue their treatments for the results they are looking for.

Wall Graphics Reinforce the Commitment to Your Product

Vinyl Wall Lettering in Irvine CA

Do you operate a service establishment? Whether it is a beauty shop, a tanning salon, or a weight loss clinic, you are only as successful as the customers who come back for additional treatments. When you put your brand message in front of the consumer’s eyes every time they visit you, they cannot help but be influenced by it.

Branded Wall Lettering and Wall Logos in Orange County CA

Wall graphics in treatment rooms can encourage the customer to establish a new personal improvement regimen that centers on your product or service. In this way, your brand becomes an integral aspect in the overall buying behavior of the consumer.

Lobby Signs Featuring Wall Logos are Integral for Tying Messages Together

Branded Wall Logos in Orange County CA

Many business clients have successfully combined wall logos, appliance wraps, and wall graphics as well as lettering for an effective branding approach within their locations. That said, the lobby sign is the one product that must tie all these graphics and messages together. Here, you have the most considerable freedom of expression with the help of material selections and color options.

Caliber Signs & Imaging routinely works with business owners who are looking for these customized wall logos and vinyl lettering in Orange County, CA. We can work with the specs that you already have on hand or design something completely new from the ground up. Contact us today to learn more about your options!

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