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Post And Panel Commercial Property Sign In Laguna Hills Promotes Alicia Office Park

Post And Panel Commercial Property Sign – For property managers, it is crucial to keep as many units in your buildings full as possible. Every empty suite is a reminder of money that you could be making. One way to keep your facilities filled is by using signage to advertise any vacant space. Davenport Partners realized this, so they contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging for commercial property signs in Laguna Hills, CA for their Alicia Office Park.



Located on Paseo de Alicia in Laguna Hills, Alicia Office Park is a property of Davenport Partners. They are a commercial real estate management and investment company that is based in Newport Beach. They run properties throughout California and Hawaii. They mainly focus on flex, industrial, and multi-unit office properties. They were founded in 2002 and have steadily grown their portfolio over the past decade.

When such a successful company came to us for post and panel property signs in Laguna Hills, CA, we had to help out. Alicia Office Park consists of three buildings with more than 85,000 combined square feet, and they were looking for a good way to advertise the units that were available for rent. We had just the solution.


During an initial consultation with Davenport Partners, we learned that they wanted a big sign that could be used temporarily to market different units that were available at Alicia Office Park. Based on their vision, we create a mockup of what their finished post and panel sign would look like. Once they approved of the proofs, we got down to work.

For the panel, we used medium density overlay (MDO) and applied vinyl graphics. Most of the sign utilized cut vinyl letters. However, the Davenport Partners logo is digitally printed vinyl. If you look closely, you can also see that the “600 to 24,700 S.F. AVAILABLE” portion of the marker is removable, so it can be updated as different units are filled or open up. The posts are painted four-by-fours. We installed the new sign so that it would face passing traffic. In the end, the client was completely satisfied with the work we did.


In addition to advertising available properties, post and panel signs are also useful for directional purposes and for site identification. These markers are ideal for commercial uses because they are considered both durable and affordable.

MDO is just one of the many materials we use for post and panel signs. Aluminum composite material is perfect for smaller panels intended for long-term use. However, sign foam is your best option if you want a marker that will last you for up to a quarter century without warping or cracking. These signs can be carved or sandblasted and work great in historic districts or other more old-fashioned-looking areas.

If you are interested in using post and panel signs on your property, contact the experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free quote.