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Non-profit Vehicle Wraps A Great Way To Gain Funders And Investors!

non-profit-vehicle-wraps-a-great-way-to-gain-funders-and-investorsWe recently completed nonprofit vehicle wraps for Orange County’s Alzheimer’s Association, Bibles for America, and The Achievers. It always feels good working for these types of organization because we know that the quality of the job we do will help contribute to these nonprofits’ success. We often write about how vehicle graphics benefit various industries in this blog. Today, we will look at how you can help raise funds for your nonprofit with vibrant vinyl graphics on your vehicles.



Take a close look at the wraps we completed for the three nonprofits. You can probably imagine them standing out in traffic. However, these vehicles are not driven on a daily basis. So, when they are parked, they are doing nothing to help the organization, right? Wrong! As a matter of fact, each of these nonprofits is located along a busy highway. They just park their wrapped automobiles out front and watch as heads turn to take in the images of the activities displayed on the vinyl. And, the succinct text is enough to get their message across.



The marketing budget for your organization or charity may be nonexistent or minuscule depending on your nonprofit. Plus, there is the added stress of trying to put every dollar you bring in to work for your cause. On the other hand, you can get a lot done with just a little boost in your visibility. Your organization achieves unbeatable value with vehicle graphics, which last for years and average out to costing your company pennies per day.


Another great benefit for your charity is the long life of nonprofit vehicle graphics in Orange County. The primary message of your organization typically stays the same, unlike service or retail enterprises that are always advertising new offers and specials every few months. You will have plenty of time to build community awareness for your cause with a vinyl wrap, which can last for up to five years when properly cared for.


Graphic elements like photographs are crucial to the success of a vehicle wrap. You can really underline the message of your charity by incorporating emotional imagery into your wrap. Pictures of the people, animals, or environment you are helping are all great methods to have a big impact and grab more attention.


You essentially have nothing to lose by wrapping vans, trailers, or other vehicles your nonprofit already uses. You are basically in possession of a large blank canvas that is just waiting to help spread the word of your cause.

When you contact the friendly professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging, we set up a meeting to discuss your vision and company culture as well as to get a good look at your vehicle. From there, we create proofs that fit your goals and budget. When you are happy with the design, we print it out on top quality vinyl and install it at a time that is convenient for you.

Are you ready to get started? If so, contact us today for a free consultation on vehicle wraps!