New Monument Signs in Irvine CA

Navien Updates Its Logo and Rebrands with New Exterior Signs and Wayfinding in Irvine CA

Are you looking at making changes to your signage? Some businesses update materials they used, while others put in minor tweaks to color palettes and fonts. However, a growing number of companies are fully rebranding with a change in their targeted consumer demographics in mind. A case in point is Navien, which contacted Caliber Signs & Imaging when the business needed exterior and wayfinding signs in Irvine, CA.

Rebranding Signs for an Industry Leader

New Exterior Signs and Wayfinding Signs in Irvine CA

Located at 20 Goodyear, Navien has revolutionized tankless water heater technology. Recently, the business updated its brand logo as part of a global image revision. Therefore, the management team needed to change the signage at the Irvine facility to ensure that it would be in keeping with the brand image change.

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The facility we went to is a significant warehouse hub for storing products. It also serves as a training center for customers and employees. As a result, the signage had to be on point. Moreover, the client requested a full replacement of the signage elements that would not easily retrofit.

An Insider’s Look at a Successful Brand Update

Old Monument Sign for Navien

A look at the old monument sign.

New Monument Signs in Irvine CA

And, a look at the new monument sign with corporate font and colors!

The specialists at Caliber Signs & Imaging focused on several projects.

  • Monument sign. The existing monument had to be replaced. It had a decidedly 1980s vibe, complete with black tiles and curvatures. Because a retrofit was not possible, our team replaced it.
  • Second monument. The client decided to add a second monument at the junction of Bake and Goodyear, which would promote the business to traffic at a major road linking Irvine and Lake Forest. After discussing the design and architectural plans, it was decided that both monument signs would have the same design and size.
  • Direction signage. Our specialists added new directional signage that would help visitors as well as vendors find the correct entrances and avoid the creation of bottlenecks.
  • Building sign updates. We uninstalled the existing building signs and replaced them with channel letter signs. These new products match the updated branding and assist drivers with wayfinding.
  • Interior signs. Several interior signs needed to be upgraded. Our technicians took an inventory of the products, designed updated versions, and installed them after the fabrication.

Corporate Wayfinding Signs in Irvine CA

It is interesting to note that our sign shop takes on the responsibility of working with municipalities. In this case, we worked with the City of Irvine to secure sign permits for the additional monument. Also, we present our clients with different options for new signs, which allows them to envision the signage before actually committing to the purchase.

Brand-Building with New Exterior and Wayfinding Signs in Irvine, CA

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The Navien project is an example of a business that does it right. After an internal decision to rebrand, the firm did not wait to change its visible brand displays. Instead, the management team embraced the opportunity to update its signs and add to its presentation. Are you considering rebranding signs? We can help.

Exterior Wayfinding Signs in Irvine CA

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