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MQ Capital Advisors, Llc “Invests” In Dimensional Letter Lobby Sign In Orange County

What does your lobby say about your business? Much of the time, your reception area is the first impression that clients get of your enterprise. If you have bare walls, it may tell consumers that you are new or that you do not have your act together. On the other hand, if you have your logo featured prominently, you begin to inspire trust. MQ Capital Advisors realized this, so they contacted the friendly experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging for lobby signs Orange County, CA investors would remember.



Located on Argonaut in Aliso Viejo and founded in 2013, MQ Capital Advisors, LLC is an independent investment management firm. With a diversified customer base that includes retirement accounts, high net worth people, and corporations, they manage assets with an “equity long-only” strategy. Their mission is to provide exceptional long-term and risk managed performance through investing in large-cap or mid-cap, dividend paying, publicly traded, and highly liquid equities.

When a business that is providing such a valuable service to area businesses and individuals came to us for a dimensional letter lobby sign in Orange County, CA, we were glad we could offer a helping hand. They needed an effective way to boost their brand while welcoming in new clients. Fortunately, they contacted the right sign company!


MQ Capital’s corporate colors match the blue and gold colors found on the St. Louis Blues’ uniforms and merchandise. This is due to their owner’s love for the professional ice hockey team, and blue and gold just go well together. The letters for the sign were made from half-inch PVC. To perfectly match the blue, we painted the letters. For the gold, we used actual 1/32” brushed gold laminate. The gold gives them a sophisticated look that you would expect from an investment firm with a long track record.

Once the marker was complete, we installed it on a large wall in their reception area at a time that would cause little disruption to business. In the end, the logo looked great, and the colors and size of the new lobby sign fit well with the atmosphere. MQ Capital was so pleased they provided us with this testimonial:

“We just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and expertise. My Dad and I are thrilled with the sign that you guys made for us. It definitely exceeded our expectations (which were high).

“We will highly recommend you to anyone who asks about our sign. You were very professional and did A+ work. Thank you again, Martin!”

We can provide the same high-caliber treatment for your business. When you first contact us, we listen to your goals and perform a site survey. We then make recommendations based on your vision and budget. When you are happy with our designs, we get right down to work fabricating your new markers using top quality materials. We then install your signage, so it will make a great first impression for many years to come.

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