Lobby Logo Signs in Orange County CA
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Monument, Building, and Lobby Signs Updated After Logo Change for Lee & Associates in Orange CA!

Located at 1004 West Taft Avenue, Lee & Associates serves the commercial real estate user, owner, and developer. In business since 1979, this firm has built a reputation for high ethics, superior customer service, and optimized results. Recently, this firm underwent a brand change. As a result, a management team representative contacted our sign shop to discuss having the monument, building, and lobby signs updated in Orange, CA.

Understanding the Signage Needs after a Rebranding

Monument, building, and lobby signs in Orange County CA

Rebrandings are common. When a company has been in business for a long time, it sometimes changes course. At other times, it needs to adapt signage designs to address a changing consumer demographic. Once a company decides to update its brand logo to reflect the type of firm it developed into, it must modernize the image.

New Logo Signs in Orange County CA

The extent of the changes can be widespread. There is a need for new business cards. Next, there is the appearance of the emails and the marketing collateral. Of course, building signage and interior office signs are among the most critical elements on the long list of change requirements.

Assisting an Established Orange Firm with a Brand Logo Update to Exterior Building Signage and Interior Office Signs

Rebranding Signs in Orange County CA

We worked with the client to determine the extent of the project. This particular facility has several signs that we needed to address during the updating process. As always, it was our goal to save the client money in the process. After receiving the new spec, our technicians noted the contemporary font changes and the new logo design. It featured a gradient color change that we would reproduce for the signage.

We started the project by painting the monument sign and readying it for the installation of updated style elements. Because the corporate red and gray colors remained in place, the team emphasized the importance of having them contrast well with the mounting surface. To facilitate this high level of contrast between sign and substrate, our technicians used a backer panel that would stand out significantly from the stone wall.

Lobby Logo Signs in Orange County CA

We custom-cut the contours of the panel to give it a contemporary appearance in keeping with the firm’s brand message. For the interior wall sign, our team applied dimensional letters that underscore the gradient color change of the logo portion. The combination of signage products now emphasizes the branding update while also encapsulating the firm’s branding.

How We Can Assist with Your Next Rebranding Project

Are you currently thinking of making changes to the way that consumers interact with your brand? Some companies choose to make small changes such as lightening or darkening the tone of a corporate palette selection. Others decide to undertake a significant overhaul of their brand messages. No matter where you are at in the rebranding process, we can help.

  • Design consultation. If you are not working with an advertising firm, we can help you put together a new look. Our graphic artist shows you the various options open to you. See the signage with the eyes of a customer who is new to your business.
  • Signage design. Technicians design the signage you select. We use materials that look great, encapsulate your brand, and save you money. From there, we manufacture the products at our shop.
  • Project management. Team members handle all aspects of the project from inception to the final cleanup after installation. This ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. Similarly, we handle all the legal issues of pulling permits and scheduling inspections.
  • Installation services. We install the signage when it is convenient for you. The process is quick because we send specialists to your venue.

No project is too large or too small for our sign shop. Contact us today to learn more about ordering your new logo signage in Orange, CA.

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