Retail Store Sandblasted Signs in Orange County CA
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Massage Envy Rebrands with Sandblasted Signs in Orange County CA!

Located at 7536 East Chapman Avenue, Massage Envy had a problem. The company had made the strategic decision to go in a new direction with its branding. Of course, this would have to include signage changes. Therefore, the venue’s management team contacted our sign shop to discuss the design, manufacturing, and installation of sandblasted signs in Orange County, CA.

Introducing Customers to the New Branding with Sandblasted Wood Signs

Sandblasted Signs in Orange County CA

We worked with the client on determining the new presentation of its branding. The company had updated its font style to embrace a more contemporary look. After we received the specs for the product, we made three new signs for this Orange County facility.

See Sandblasted Signs Being Made in Orange County CA

Fabricating the sandblasted signs

How are Sandblasted Signs Made in Orange County CA

The sandblasted signs start to take shape!

Our technicians used wood since it works well with the business’s overall vibe. Moreover, the sandblasting technique opened up the grain in the wood, which gives the sign a natural look. We painted the product to feature the company’s brand tones. Technicians then added dimensional letters as the centerpiece of the signage.

Now, Massage Envy greets customers with new retail signs that showcase the business’ updated presence. Most importantly, the product fits in perfectly with the new brand story the company tells.

Why Sandblasted Signs are Getting More and More Popular in the OC

Retail Store Sandblasted Signs in Orange County CA

The new sandblasted sign is more visible without the cursive font. We also removed the word “Spa.”

What sets apart sandblasted signs from other products is the look of the finished sign. It focuses the attention on the artistry of the design. Similarly, it helps the brand presentation to shine. Carved and properly sized lettering combine with the substrate for a fantastic look.

Of course, we can also integrate the look of the style elements. By masking off the three-dimensional details that you want the consumer to see, we only remove the substrate around them. Therefore, the sign now features the lettering as a focal point. We recommend painting the items in your brand tones for the best results.

When we sandblast products, wood is a natural choice. However, it is not the only option. For example, we can also use high-density urethane, which is a manmade material. It is durable, and our technicians can work with it to have it mimic wood. This is a good option for the client who does not want to deal with the upkeep of real wood.

How to Use Sandblasted Signs in Orange County, CA

Sandblasted Signs for Retail Spaces in Orange County CA

The old sandblasted sign with a font that is harder to read. Taking out the word Spa allowed for a much bigger font on this building sign.


When we worked with Massage Envy, we created building signs. They look professional and artistic. At the same time, they work well for branding the venues and providing wayfinding assistance to customers.

However, you do not have to limit your use of sandblasted signage just to building markers. Plenty of business clients have commissioned these types of signage solutions for interior signs as well. Examples include retail signs as well as wayfinding displays in offices.

If we have piqued your interest in exploring sandblasted signage products, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artist. We can sketch out the details of your sign to help you make the decision. Besides that, we also provide you with different approaches to the sign’s design. Examples include dimensional letters and added style elements.

Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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