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Looking For Metal Signs In Irvine CA? What’s Available?

When you want to make a statement by displaying your logo using custom metal signs, Caliber Signs & Imaging has plenty of solutions to help you out. We are professionals at fabricating metal markers with several different finishes and using an array of metals. Today, we are going to take a closer look at what materials and styles are available as you try to nurture an appearance of professionalism and longevity with metal signs in Irvine, CA.



There is a broad range of materials to pick from for our custom metal signs. Consider the following:

  • Aluminum – By far, this is our most requested metal. With aluminum, you can pick from custom-matched PMS colors along with anodized, polished, or natural satin finishes. You can have a solid metal sign at an affordable price with aluminum.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel offers superior corrosion resistance for many different metal signs thanks to the standard and marine-grade alloys used.
  • Brass – Brass is a smart option for classic, professional-looking markers whether you want a satin brushed or polished finish.
  • Copper – Copper signs are custom cut to match the shape of your logo and finished with a polished or brushed look.
  • Cor-Ten Steel – If you want steel that is resistant to all types of weather, look no further than Cor-Ten. It comes with a natural antiqued rust finish.
  • Bronze – For a traditional, time-honored appearance, bronze is the way to go. Again, there are several finishes to pick from, including polished, brushed, patina, and oxidized finishes.



The main metal signage types are metal backplate signs, metal plaques, metal laminates, aluminum panel signs, and metal letter signs. Since they offer better durability than other materials, all types of metal signs are typically used outdoors though you can use them virtually anywhere.

Panel and backplate signs are used in combination with other materials for upscale apartment buildings, corporate offices, retail store signs, and hotel reception or lobby areas. Metal laminates are also used in conjunction with other materials. Typically utilized for dimensional letters, metal laminates consist of a thin layer of real metal alloy applied to a substrate, such as sign foam or PVC. This is recommended for companies working with a tight budget yet still want the look of metal.


In addition to laminates, there are a couple other ways we fabricate individual metal letters. They can be cut out of a sheet of aluminum using a computerized router. Or, the letters can be cast in molds. These typically come with a lifetime guarantee. Metal plaques can also be cast. These often make excellent exterior ADA signs.

Do all of these options have you scratching your head? No problem! Let the friendly experts at Caliber Signs & Imaging help you determine what solutions are right for your enterprise. Based on your budget, vision, and surroundings, we will make recommendations that are ideal for your purposes. To get started, contact us today for a free consultation on metal signs in Irvine, CA.