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Lobby Signs And Wall Graphics For Medical Offices In Orange CA

Running a large medical facility is a big enough challenge without having to worry about how your office looks. Yet, if you want to earn the business and respect of potential clients, you need to create a professional, inviting, and comfortable lobby and office space. It can make a world of difference having the proper office graphics and signs. This is also the most affordable way to improve the appearance of your facility. Fortunately, Caliber Signs & Imaging is the premier supplier of wall graphics and wall art for medical offices in Orange, CA.



The reception area sign you pick makes a big difference whether you run a rehabilitation clinic, doctor’s office, hospital, or urgent care center. Patients typically make note of this marker when checking in with the receptionist or while sitting in the waiting room. Often times, the first impression you make is with this sign.

Medical offices can benefit from aluminum dimensional letter signs. Lobby signs made from clear acrylic panels with dimensional letters are also a great solution. We suggest installing a high-density urethane sign if you are interested in presenting a dramatic flair since these markers supply a three-dimensional effect. These signs work well with a metal or acrylic laminate.


Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Think back to the last time you went to a doctor’s office with a major problem. How did you feel? Chances are you were full of stress and fear. These are natural emotions for patients waiting in a medical facility. Thankfully, as a healthcare provider, there are steps you can take to assuage their anxiety.

Wall murals and art are being used increasingly to change the interior décor of medical waiting areas as well as in the actual treatment rooms. Thanks to the low cost of high-quality vinyl and the ability to digitally print any images, photos, or designs directly on the vinyl, you can update the look of your lobby and other rooms while putting guests at ease.

If you run a healthcare facility that caters to youngsters, we can even incorporate cartoon characters to keep children entertained while they wait to be seen.



From our shop in Irvine, we enjoying visiting our Orange County neighbors to the northwest in Orange, California. Despite having a good-sized population of 139,812, you can still get “a slice of the old town charm” in this beautiful burg. There are also several large employers, including UC Irvine Medical Center, Chapman University (Go Panthers!), St. Joseph Hospital, Sybron Dental Specialties, the Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and many more, that are always bringing work to the region.

From The Village at Orange and the Super Sports Golf & Rec Center to Orange Unified School District and The Outlets at Orange and every place in between, we are proud to serve Orange. If you are in need of lobby signs for medical offices in Orange, CA, please consider contacting Caliber Signs & Imaging today for a free consultation.