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Lighted Office Sign Greets Clients At BMS Software

When you are upgrading to a bigger and better office space, there are several factors to take into consideration. One of these aspects is signage. Are you able to move your markers with you? Do you even want to? What signs will you need for the new place? Lobby signs are a must as soon as you move into your new location. BMS realized this, so they called in the friendly professionals at Caliber Signs & Imaging for lighted office signs in Irvine, CA.



Located on Peters Canyon Road in Irvine, BMS is a leader in software development for bankruptcy solutions. They have been in the bankruptcy industry providing an end-to-end technology platform for more than a quarter century. They pride themselves on combining highly personalized service from knowledgeable professionals with cutting edge software options to streamline claims distribution, simplify collaboration, and automate case administration.

When an organization that provides such a valuable service to individuals and corporations alike came to us for lighted reception area signs for Irvine CA, we got right down to work. BMS was like a lot of companies that contact us for new markers: they were moving into a larger, more modern office building. They wanted a new lobby sign that would have an impact on clients and employees from the moment they first walked through the door. They contacted the right place!



Our point of contact at BMS was their marketing team, since they were responsible for branding. They wanted a way to present their image as state of the art as well as professional. We determined that an illuminated lobby sign was the way to go. The first step was hiring an electrician to install power to a point behind where the sign was to hang.

The wall was quite large, so in order for the new marker to turn heads, it would also have to be sizable. We chose an oval shape that is 34” by 60” by 3” deep. We were particularly proud of the face. Using Chemetal material, we chose a satin pewter finish, which produced the requested darker tone metallic appearance. For the logo, we used translucent vinyl applied to acrylic. This allowed the light to shine through and illuminate the logo. In addition, we added lighting around the outer edges of the marker to provide an elegant halo effect.

One of the pleasures of our business is seeing the expression on our clients’ faces and their gratitude when we first show them their completed sign with their logo illuminated. This was especially true with BMS. The results far exceeded their expectations.

We can provide the same solutions for your organization. When you contact Caliber Signs & Imaging, we meet with you to discuss your vision and goals. We then make recommendations that fit your budget. Once you are happy with the design, we fabricate your sign and install it at a time that causes the least disruption to your business.

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