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LED Channel Letters Really Pop for GAOWA Montessori in Costa Mesa CA!

GAOWA Montessori welcomes young learners at 1620 Adams Avenue. Programs at the location are the toddler sessions and the primary as well as kindergarten classes. A significant aspect of the learning center’s visual appeal is the colorful spelling of the name. When the administration needed new LED channel letters in Costa Mesa, CA, it entrusted Caliber Signs & Imaging with the project.

Colorful Channel Letters Turn Heads after Dark

Building signs for schools in Costa Mesa CA

LED Channel Letters in Costa Mesa CA

You already know that featuring the brand color is a necessity for effective advertising and brand-building. However, many business clients focus so much on the daytime display that they do not take advantage of the opportunities the after-dark presentations offer. GAOWA Montessori understood that turning heads after dark is just as crucial as during the day.

Back lit channel letters in Costa Mesa CA

For this project, our technicians designed a lighting combination. When the letters were fabricated, we made them for a backlit appearance. The light would escape from behind the letters, which resulted in an attractive bright halo of the individual style elements. That said, we also added front lighting, which allows illumination to shine through the colorful letter fronts.

Front Lit channel letters in Orange County CA

The effect is stunning. After dark, you notice the bright colors that are underscored by the white halo surrounding them. These types of signs are attention getters that make the businesses memorable.

Standing out When Competing Businesses Surround You

Halo Lit Channel Letters in Costa Mesa CA

The majority of companies are doing business close to other enterprises. Costa Mesa is famous for its strip malls that offer excellent venues for storefront offices and retailers. The upside is that you can benefit from the foot traffic other companies generate. The downside is that your signage might get lost with so many different colorful letters and box cabinets lighting up after dark.

Front Lit channel letters in Costa Mesa CA

Our combination of front and halo-lit letters is a game-changer. These signs allow you to stand out after dark and during the day. We focus on the ideal design options that highlight your brand message. Besides that, we ensure that the signage is of sufficient size. Most importantly, we use LEDs to make sure your signs are seen no matter what time of the day or night it might be.

Have Your Building Letters Become Beacons after Dark

Channel Letters for Schools in Orange County CA

Do you need LED channel letters in Costa Mesa, CA? Caliber Signs & Imaging specializes in these products. We routinely work with all types of companies that need to be seen. Of course, we can heighten the visibility of your brand even more.

Do you have a color combination that is part of the corporate palette but difficult to see after dark? We recommend placing a cloud-shaped background in the target color behind the letters. Moreover, we suggest painting the letters’ returns in these tones. Then, after dark, the illumination will underscore this color play to make it more visible to passersby.

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