Maximum Occupancy Signs for Offices Reopending in Orange County CA

The State of California is readying to meet its June 15 deadline of re-opening the economy. However, there is some uncertainty about what this will look like. What is clear is that businesses will bear the brunt of defining the “new normal” and enforcing it. Which are some new back-to-work office safety signs and graphics in Orange County, CA, you may still need?

As noted by ABC Channel 7, businesses have the option of keeping capacity limits in place for the safety of employees and customers. Moreover, companies have the choice to “require proof of vaccinations as they see fit.” Add to this the fact that the CDC still has the final word on mask-wearing.

Social Distancing Signs for Cubicles Open or Closed in Orange County CA

Signs for work areas.

It becomes clear that the brunt of COVID-19 rule enforcement comes down to the individual business owners, who must take their marching orders from the county. Therefore, companies must have signage in place to signal any changes to current policies.

Recommended Back to Work Office Safety Signs and Graphics in Orange County CA

At the same time, you need the flexibility to make changes to your sign setup as quickly as new orders come down from government entities. Several signage solutions make this level of flexibility possible.

Back to work office safety signs and graphics in Orange County CA

Window and wall signs to inform.

Vinyl window graphics. Let customers know what to expect from your company before they even enter. It takes the burden of explaining policies from your employees’ shoulders. Moreover, this type of signage signals to workers that you do not allow exceptions to the rules. We recommend the installation of vinyl window graphics that we customize for your unique setting.

COVID 19 We Are Open Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk signs – we can print custom inserts.

A-frame inserts. When rules change, or if you are experimenting with a hybrid model of mask-wearing and social distancing, alert customers to the new setup with imprinted vinyl A-frame inserts. These are ideal for sandwich boards you place in front of your business or those you put inside. If you are one of the companies that will require proof of vaccinations for a specific event, the insert explains the details.

Janitorial Signage and Cleaning Carts in Orange County CA

Janitorial sanitary stations.

Janitorial signage. The way your janitorial crew cleans and sanitizes areas will also change. This is of particular importance in the restaurant business. If you provide specific sanitation carts or simply want to remind staff members of how to handle cleaning, consider printed aluminum boards that install on your walls or to the carts.

Back to work hand washing signs

Hygiene decals and posters.

Hygiene decals and posters. Hand washing will remain a big deal, and companies have already begun adding stickers, posters, decals, and wall graphics to restroom areas and wherever they offer hand washing and personal hygiene stations.

Maximum Occupancy Signs for Offices Reopending in Orange County CA

Company-specific rules and regulation signs.

Rule panels. For the company that makes some permanent changes in the ways they encourage customers to engage with their brand, staff, and product lines, we recommend displaying Dibond panels spelling out what will be different. These panels are durable, look good, and allow for complete customization with your corporate color palette.

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We also have a free guide to office safety signage that covers all the workplace safety signs you may need. You can download it below.

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